1. To make vicious, faulty, or imperfect; to render defective; to injure the substance or qualities of; to impair; to contaminate; to spoil; as, exaggeration vitiates a style of writing; sewer gas vitiates the air.

A will vitiated and growth out of love with the truth disposes the understanding to error and delusion.

Without care it may be used to vitiate our minds.

This undistinguishing complaisance will vitiate the taste of readers.

2. To cause to fail of effect, either wholly or in part; to make void; to destroy, as the validity or binding force of an instrument or transaction; to annul; as, any undue influence exerted on a jury vitiates their verdict; fraud vitiates a contract.

(Vi`ti*a"tion) n. [L. vitiatio.] The act of vitiating, or the state of being vitiated; depravation; corruption; invalidation; as, the vitiation of the blood; the vitiation of a contract.

The vitiation that breeds evil acts.
G. Eliot.

(Vi*tic"u*lose`) a. [L. viticula, dim. of vitis vine.] (Bot.) Having long and slender trailing stems.

(Vit`i*cul"tur*al) a. Of or pertaining to viticulture.

(Vit"i*cul`ture) n. [L. vitis vine + E. culture.] The cultivation of the vine; grape growing.

(Vit`i*cul"tur*ist), n. One engaged in viticulture.

(||Vit`i*li"go) n. [L., a kind of tetter, fr. vitium blemish, vice.] (Med.) A rare skin disease consisting in the development of smooth, milk-white spots upon various parts of the body.

(Vit`i*lit"i*gate) v. i. [L. vitilitigare to quarrel disgracefully; vitium vice + litigare to quarrel.] To contend in law litigiously or cavilously. [Obs.]

(Vit`i*lit`i*ga"tion) n. Cavilous litigation; cavillation. [Obs.] Hudibras.

(Vi`ti*os"i*ty) n. [L. vitiositas. See Vicious.] Viciousness; depravity.

The perverseness and vitiosity of man's will.

(Vi"tious a., Vi"tious*ly), adv., Vitiousness
(Vi"tious*ness), n. See Vicious, Viciously, Viciousness.

(||Vi"tis) n. [L., a vine.] (Bot.) A genus of plants including all true grapevines.

(Vi"to*e) a. (Zoöl.) See Durukuli.

(||Vi*trel"la) n. [NL., dim. of L. vitrum glass.] (Zoöl.) One of the transparent lenslike cells in the ocelli of certain arthropods.

(Vit`re-o-e*lec"tic) a. [See Vitreous, and Electric.] (Physics) Containing or exhibiting positive, or vitreous, electricity.

(Vit"re*ous) a. [L. vitreous, from vitrum glass; perhaps akin to videre to see (see Vision). Cf. Varnish.]

1. Consisting of, or resembling, glass; glassy; as, vitreous rocks.

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