Vested legacy(Law), a legacy the right to which commences in præsenti, and does not depend on a contingency; as, a legacy to one to be paid when he attains to twenty-one years of age is a vested legacy, and if the legatee dies before the testator, his representative shall receive it. Blackstone. Vested remainder(Law), an estate settled, to remain to a determined person, after the particular estate is spent. Blackstone. Kent.

(Ves`ti*a"ri*an) a. [See Vestiary.] Of or pertaining to a vestiary or vestments.

(Ves"ti*a*ry) n. [L. vestiarium. See Vestry.] A wardrobe; a robing room; a vestry. Fuller.

(Ves"ti*a*ry), a. Pertaining to clothes, or vestments.

(Ves*tib"u*lar) a. Of or pertaining to a vestibule; like a vestibule.

(Ves"ti*bule) n. [L. vestibulum, of uncertain origin: cf. F. vestibule.] The porch or entrance into a house; a hall or antechamber next the entrance; a lobby; a porch; a hall.

Vestibule of the ear. (Anat.) See under Ear.Vestibule of the vulva(Anat.), a triangular space between the nymphæ, in which the orifice of the urethra is situated.Vestibule train(Railroads), a

(Vest) v. i. To come or descend; to be fixed; to take effect, as a title or right; — followed by in; as, upon the death of the ancestor, the estate, or the right to the estate, vests in the heir at law.

(Ves"ta) n. [L. Vesta, akin to Gr. Vesta, the hearth of the house, and perhaps to Skr. ush to burn or perhaps to Skr. vas to dwell, and E. was.]

1. (Rom. Myth.) One of the great divinities of the ancient Romans, identical with the Greek Hestia. She was a virgin, and the goddess of the hearth; hence, also, of the fire on it, and the family round it.

2. (Astron.) An asteroid, or minor planet, discovered by Olbers in 1807.

3. A wax friction match. Simmonds.

(Ves"tal) a. [L. Vestalis belonging to Vesta, vestal. See Vesta.] Of or pertaining to Vesta, the virgin goddess of the hearth; hence, pure; chaste.

(Ves"tal), n. [L. Vestalis (sc. virgo): cf. F. vestale. See Vestal, a.]

1. (Rom. Antiq.) A virgin consecrated to Vesta, and to the service of watching the sacred fire, which was to be perpetually kept burning upon her altar.

The Vestals were originally four, but afterward six, in number. Their term of service lasted thirty years, the period of admission being from the sixth to the tenth year of the candidate's age.

2. A virgin; a woman pure and chaste; also, a nun.

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!

(||Ves*ta"les) n. pl. [NL. See Vestal.] (Zoöl.) A group of butterflies including those known as virgins, or gossamer-winged butterflies.

(Vest"ed) a.

1. Clothed; robed; wearing vestments. "The vested priest." Milton.

2. (Law) Not in a state of contingency or suspension; fixed; as, vested rights; vested interests.

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