Vendue master, one who is authorized to sell any property by vendue; an auctioneer. [Obsoles.]

(Ve*neer") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Veneered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Veneering.] [G. furnieren, fourniren, fr. F. fournir to furnish. See Furnish.] To overlay or plate with a thin layer of wood or other material for outer finish or decoration; as, to veneer a piece of furniture with mahogany. Used also figuratively.

As a rogue in grain
Veneered with sanctimonious theory.

(Ve*neer"), n. [Cf. G. furnier or fournier. See Veneer, v. t.] A thin leaf or layer of a more valuable or beautiful material for overlaying an inferior one, especially such a thin leaf of wood to be glued to a cheaper wood; hence, external show; gloss; false pretense.

Veneer moth(Zoöl.), any moth of the genus Chilo; — so called because the mottled colors resemble those of veneering.

(Ve*neer"ing), n.

1. The act or art of one who veneers.

2. Thin wood or other material used as a veneer.

(Ve*nef"ic*al) a. [L. veneficus.] Veneficial. [Obs.] "Venefical instruments." B. Jonson.

(Ven"e*fice) n. [L. veneficium, fr. veneficus poisoning; venenum poison + facere to make: cf. F. vénéfice.] The act or practice of poisoning. [Obs.]

(Ven`e*fi"cial Ven`e*fi"cious) a. Acting by poison; used in poisoning or in sorcery. [Obs.] "An old veneficious practice." Sir T. Browne.Ven`e*fi"cious*ly, adv. [Obs.]

(Ven"e*mous) a. Venomous. [Obs.]

(Vend"i*ble) a. [L. vendibilis: cf. OF. vendible, F. vendable.] Capable of being vended, or sold; that may be sold; salable.

The regulating of prices of things vendible.

Vendible differs from marketable; the latter signifies proper or fit for market, according to the laws or customs of a place. Vendible has no reference to such legal fitness.

(Vend"i*ble), n. Something to be sold, or offered for sale.Vend"i*ble*ness, n. - - Vend"i*bly, adv.

(Ven"di*tate) v. t. [See Venditation.] To cry up. as if for sale; to blazon. [Obs.] Holland.

(Ven`di*ta"tion) n. [L. venditatio, fr. venditare, venditatum, to offer again and again for sale, v. freq. of vendere. See Vend.] The act of setting forth ostentatiously; a boastful display. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(Ven*di"tion) n. [L. venditio: cf. F. vendition.] The act of vending, or selling; sale.

(Vend"or) n. [See Vender.] A vender; a seller; the correlative of vendee.

(Vends) n. pl. (Ethnol.) See Wends.

(Ven*due") n. [OF. vendue, from F. vendre, p. p. vendu, vendue, to sell.] A public sale of anything, by outcry, to the highest bidder; an auction. [Obsoles.]

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