Valve gear, or Valve motion(Steam Engine), the system of parts by which motion is given to the valve or valves for the distribution of steam in the cylinder. For an illustration of one form of valve gear, see Link motion.Valve seat. (Mach.) (a) The fixed surface on which a valve rests or against which it presses. (b) A part or piece on which such a surface is formed.Valve stem (Mach.), a rod attached to a valve, for moving it.Valve yoke(Mach.), a strap embracing a slide valve and connecting it to the valve stem.

(Valved) a. Having a valve or valve; valvate.

(Valve"let) n. A little valve; a valvule; especially, one of the pieces which compose the outer covering of a pericarp.

(Valve"-shell`) n. (Zoöl.) Any fresh-water gastropod of the genus Valvata.

(||Val"vu*la) n.; pl. Valvulæ [NL., dim. fr. L. valva fold, valve of a door.] (Anat.) A little valve or fold; a valvelet; a valvule.

(Valv"u*lar) a. [Cf. F. valvulaire.]

1. Of or pertaining to a valve or valves; specifically (Med.), of or pertaining to the valves of the heart; as, valvular disease.

2. Containing valves; serving as a valve; opening by valves; valvate; as, a valvular capsule.

(Valv"ule) n. [Cf. F. valvule.]

1. A little valve; a valvelet.

2. (Zoöl.) A small valvelike process.

(Val"yl*ene) n. [Valerian + - yl.] (Chem.) A volatile liquid hydrocarbon, C5H6, related to ethylene and acetylene, but possessing the property of unsaturation in the third degree. It is the only known member of a distinct series of compounds. It has a garlic odor.

(Vam"brace) n. [See Vantbrass.] (Anc. Armor) The piece designed to protect the arm from the elbow to the wrist.

(Va*mose") v. i. & t. [Sp. vamos let us go.] To depart quickly; to depart from. [Written also vamos, and vamoose.] [Slang, Eng. & U. S.]

(Vamp) v. i. To advance; to travel. [Obs.]

(Vamp), n. [OE. vampe, vaumpe, vauntpe, F. avantpied the forefoot, vamp; anat before, fore + pied foot, L. pes. See Advance, Van of an army, and Foot.]

1. The part of a boot or shoe above the sole and welt, and in front of the ankle seam; an upper.

2. Any piece added to an old thing to give it a new appearance. See Vamp, v. t.

(Vamp), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Vamped (?; 215); p. pr. & vb. n. Vamping.] To provide, as a shoe, with new upper leather; hence, to piece, as any old thing, with a new part; to repair; to patch; — often followed by up.

I had never much hopes of your vamped play.

(Vamp"er) n. One who vamps; one who pieces an old thing with something new; a cobbler.

the valve seat.

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