Tubular boiler. See under Boiler.Tubular breathing(Med.), a variety of respiratory sound, heard on auscultation over the lungs in certain cases of disease, resembling that produced by the air passing through the trachea.Tubular bridge, a bridge in the form of a hollow trunk or tube, made of iron plates riveted together, as the Victoria bridge over the St. Lawrence, at Montreal, Canada, and the Britannia bridge over the Menai Straits.Tubular girder, a plate girder having two or more vertical webs with a space between them.

(||Tu`bu*la"ri*a) n. [NL.] (Zoöl.) A genus of hydroids having large, naked, flowerlike hydranths at the summits of long, slender, usually simple, stems. The gonophores are small, and form clusters at the bases of the outer tentacles.

(||Tu`bu*la"ri*æ) n. pl. [NL.] See Tubularida.

(Tu`bu*la"ri*an) n. (Zool.) Any hydroid belonging to the suborder Tubularida.

These hydroids usually form tufts of delicate tubes, and both gonophores and hydranths are naked. The gonophores of many of the species become free jellyfishes; those of other species remain permanently attached as medusoid buds or sporosacs. See Illust. under Gonosome, and Cymnoblastea.

(Tu`bu*la"ri*an), a. (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the tubularians.

(||Tu"bu*lar`i*da) n. pl. [NL.] (Zoöl.) An extensive division of Hydroidea; the tubularians; — called also Athecata, Gymnoblastea, and Tubulariæ.

(Tu"bu*late) a. [L. tubulatus. See Tubular.] Tubular; tubulated; tubulous.

(Tu"bu*la`ted) a. Made in the form of a small tube; provided with a tube, or elongated opening.

Tubulated bottleor retort(Chem.), a bottle or retort having a stoppered opening for the introduction or removal of materials.

(Tu"bu*lar) a. [L. tubulus, dim. of tubus a tube, or pipe. See Tube.] Having the form of a tube, or pipe; consisting of a pipe; fistular; as, a tubular snout; a tubular calyx. Also, containing, or provided with, tubes.

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