Capillary tube, a tube of very fine bore. See Capillary.Fire tube(Steam Boilers), a tube which forms a flue.Tube coral. (Zoöl.) Same as Tubipore.Tube foot(Zoöl.), one of the ambulacral suckers of an echinoderm.Tube plate, or Tube sheet(Steam Boilers), a flue plate. See under Flue.Tube pouch(Mil.), a pouch containing priming tubes.Tube spinner(Zoöl.), any one of various species of spiders that construct tubelike webs. They belong to Tegenaria, Agelena, and allied genera.Water tube(Steam Boilers), a tube containing water and surrounded by flame or hot gases.

(Tube), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Tubed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Tubing.] To furnish with a tube; as, to tube a well.

(Tube"form) a. In the form of a tube; tubular; tubiform.

(Tube"-nosed`) a. (Zoöl.) (a) Having the nostrils prolonged in the form of horny tubes along the sides of the beak; — said of certain sea birds. (b) Belonging to the Tubinares.

(Tu"ber) n.[L., a hump. knob; probably akin to tumere to swell. Cf. Tumid.]

1. (Bot.) (a) A fleshy, rounded stem or root, usually containing starchy matter, as the potato or arrowroot; a thickened root-stock. See Illust. of Tuberous. (b) A genus of fungi. See Truffle.

2. (Anat.) A tuberosity; a tubercle.

(Tu"ber*cle) n. [L. tuberculum, dim. of tuber: cf. F. tubercule, OF. also tubercle. See Tuber.]

(Tub"al) a. Of or pertaining to a tube; specifically, of or pertaining to one of the Fallopian tubes; as, tubal pregnancy.

(Tub"bing) n.

1. The forming of a tub; also, collectively, materials for tubs.

2. A lining of timber or metal around the shaft of a mine; especially, a series of cast-iron cylinders bolted together, used to enable those who sink a shaft to penetrate quicksand, water, etc., with safety.

(Tub"by) a. Resembling a tub; specifically sounding dull and without resonance, like a tub; wanting elasticity or freedom of sound; as, a tubby violin.

(Tube) n. [L. tubus; akin to tuba a trumpet: cf F. tube.]

1. A hollow cylinder, of any material, used for the conveyance of fluids, and for various other purposes; a pipe.

2. A telescope. "Glazed optic tube." Milton.

3. A vessel in animal bodies or plants, which conveys a fluid or other substance.

4. (Bot.) The narrow, hollow part of a gamopetalous corolla.

5. (Gun.) A priming tube, or friction primer. See under Priming, and Friction.

6. (Steam Boilers) A small pipe forming part of the boiler, containing water and surrounded by flame or hot gases, or else surrounded by water and forming a flue for the gases to pass through.

7. (Zoöl.) (a) A more or less cylindrical, and often spiral, case secreted or constructed by many annelids, crustaceans, insects, and other animals, for protection or concealment. See Illust. of Tubeworm. (b) One of the siphons of a bivalve mollusk.

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