Trespass offering(Jewish Antiq.), an offering in expiation of a trespass.Trespass on the case. (Law) See Action on the case, under Case.

Syn. — Offense; breach; infringement; transgression; misdemeanor; misdeed.

(Tres"pass*er) n. One who commits a trespass; as: (a) (Law) One who enters upon another's land, or violates his rights. (b) A transgressor of the moral law; an offender; a sinner.

(Tress) n. [OE. tresse, OF. trece, F. tresse, LL. tricia, fr. Gr. tri`cha threefold, because a tress is usually formed by interlacing three pieces; akin to trei^s three. See Three.]

1. A braid, knot, or curl, of hair; a ringlet.

Her yellow hair was braided in a tress.

Fair tresses man's imperial race insnare.

2. Fig.: A knot or festoon, as of flowers. Keats.

(Tressed) a.

1. Having tresses.

2. Formed into ringlets or braided; braided; curled. Spenser. Drayton.

(Tres"sel) n. A trestle.

(Tress"ful) a. Tressy. [R.] Sylvester.

(Tres"sure) n. [F. tresser to twist, plait. See Tress, n.] (Her.) A kind of border similar to the orle, but of only half the breadth of the latter.

(Tres"sured) a. (Her.) Provided or bound with a tressure; arranged in the form of a tressure.

The tressured fleur-de-lis he claims
To wreathe his shield.
Sir W. Scott.

(Tress"y) a. Abounding in tresses. J. Baillie.

(Tres"tle) n. [OF. trestel, tresteay, F. tréteau; probably from L. transtillum a little crossbeam, dim. of transtrum a crossbeam. Cf. Transom.] [Written also tressel.]

1. Any injury or offence done to another.

I you forgive all wholly this trespass.

If ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.
Matt. vi. 15.

2. Any voluntary transgression of the moral law; any violation of a known rule of duty; sin.

The fatal trespass done by Eve.

You . . . who were dead in trespasses and sins.
Eph. if. 1.

3. (Law) (a) An unlawful act committed with force and violence (vi et armis) on the person, property, or relative rights of another. (b) An action for injuries accompanied with force.

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