(||Syn"o*chus) n. [NL., from Gr. joined together.] (Med.) A continuous fever. [Obs.]

Synocha and synochus were used as epithets of two distinct types of fever, but in different senses at different periods. The same disease is placed under synocha by one author, under synochus by another. Quain.

(Syn"o*cil) n. [Pref. syn- + cilium.] (Zoöl.) A sense organ found in certain sponges. It consists of several filaments, each of which arises from a single cell.

(Syn"od) n. [L. synodus, Gr. sy`nodos a meeting; sy`n with + "odo`s a way; cf. AS. sinoð, senoð, F. synode, both from the Latin.]

1. (Eccl. Hist.) An ecclesiastic council or meeting to consult on church matters.

Synods are of four kinds: 1. General, or ecumenical, which are composed of bishops from different nations; — commonly called general council. 2. National, composed of bishops of one nation only. 3. Provincial, in which the bishops of only one province meet; — called also convocations. 4. Diocesan, a synod in which the bishop of the diocese or his representative presides. Among Presbyterians, a synod is composed of several adjoining presbyteries. The members are the ministers and a ruling elder from each parish.

2. An assembly or council having civil authority; a legislative body.

It hath in solemn synods been decreed,
Both by the Syracusians and ourselves,
To admit no traffic to our adverse towns.

Parent of gods and men, propitious Jove!
And you, bright synod of the powers above.

3. (Astron.) A conjunction of two or more of the heavenly bodies. [R.] Milton.

(Syn"od*al) a. [L. synodalis: cf. F. synodal.] Synodical. Milton.

(Syn"od*al), n.

1. (Ch. of Eng.) A tribute in money formerly paid to the bishop or archdeacon, at the time of his Easter visitation, by every parish priest, now made to the ecclesiastical commissioners; a procuration.

Synodals are due, of common right, to the bishop only.

2. A constitution made in a provincial or diocesan synod.

(Syn*od"ic Syn*od"ic*al) a. [L. synodicus, Gr. : cf. F. synodique.]

1. (Eccl.) Of or pertaining to a synod; transacted in, or authorized by, a synod; as, synodical proceedings or forms. "A synodical epistle." Bp. Stillingfleet.

2. (Astron.) Pertaining to conjunction, especially to the period between two successive conjunctions; extending from one conjunction, as of the moon or a planet with the sun, to the next; as, a synodical month (see Lunar month, under Month); the synodical revolution of the moon or a planet.

(Syn*od"ic*al*ly), adv. In a synodical manner; in a synod; by the authority of a synod. "Synodically agreed upon." R. Nelson.

(Syn"od*ist) n. An adherent to a synod.

These synodists thought fit in Latin as yet to veil their decrees from vulgar eyes.

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