Sparkling synchysis(Med.), a condition in which the vitreous humor is softened and contains sparkling scales of cholesterin.

(Syn*clas"tic) a. [Pref. syn- + Gr. kla^n to break.] (Math. Physics) Curved toward the same side in all directions; — said of surfaces which in all directions around any point bend away from a tangent plane toward the same side, as the surface of a sphere; — opposed to anticlastic. Sir W. Thomson.

(Syn*cli"nal) a. [Gr. to incline together; sy`n with + to incline.]

1. Inclined downward from opposite directions, so as to meet in a common point or line.

2. (Geol.) Formed by strata dipping toward a common line or plane; as, a synclinal trough or valley; a synclinal fold; — opposed to anticlinal.

A downward flexure in the case of folded rocks makes a synclinal axis, and the alternating upward flexure an anticlinal axis.

(Syn*cli"nal), n. (Geol.) A synclinal fold.

(Syn*cline") n. (Geol.) A synclinal fold.

(Syn*clin"ic*al) a. Synclinal. [R.]

(||Syn`cli*no"ri*um) n.; pl. Synclinoria [NL., fr. Gr. to lay together + mountain.] (Geol.) A mountain range owing its origin to the progress of a geosynclinal, and ending in a catastrophe of displacement and upturning. Dana.

(Syn`chro*ni*za"tion) n. The act of synchronizing; concurrence of events in respect to time.

(Syn"chro*nize) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Synchronized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Synchronizing ] To agree in time; to be simultaneous.

The path of this great empire, through its arch of progress, synchronized with that of Christianity.
De Quincey.

(Syn"chro*nize), v. t.

1. To assign to the same date or period of time; as, to synchronize two events of Greek and Roman history. "Josephus synchronizes Nisan with the Egyptian Pharmus." W. L. Bevan.

2. To cause to agree in time; as, to synchronize the movements of different machines; to synchronize clocks.

(Syn`chro*nol"o*gy) n. [Pref. syn- + Gr. time + -logy.] Contemporaneous chronology.

(Syn"chro*nous) a. [Gr. sy`n with + time. Cf. Chronicle.] Happening at the same time; simultaneous.Syn"chro*nous*ly, adv.

(Syn"chro*ny) n. The concurrence of events in time; synchronism. [R.]

Geological contemporaneity is the same as chronological synchrony.

(||Syn"chy*sis) n. [NL., fr. Gr. fr. to confound; sy`n with + to pour.] A derangement or confusion of any kind, as of words in a sentence, or of humors in the eye.

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