Switching engine, a locomotive for switching cars from one track to another, and making up trains; — called also switch engine. [U.S.]

(Switch"man) n.; pl. Switchmen One who tends a switch on a railway.

(Switch"y) a. Whisking. [Colloq.] Coombe.

(Swithe) adv. [AS. swie strongly, violently.] Instantly; quickly; speedily; rapidly. [Obs.]

That thou doest, do thou swithe.

(Switz"er) n. [Cf. G. schweizer. Cf. Swiss.] A native or inhabitant of Switzerland; a Swiss.

(Swive) v. t. [OE. swiven, fr. AS. swifan. See Swivel.] To copulate with (a woman). [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Swiv"el) n. [AS. swifan to move quickly, to remove; akin to Icel. sveifla to whirl, shake, svifa to ramble, to turn. See Swoop, and cf. Swift a reel, Swift, a.]

1. (Mech.) A piece, as a ring or hook, attached to another piece by a pin, in such a manner as to permit rotation about the pin as an axis.

2. (Mil.) A small piece of ordnance, turning on a point or swivel; — called also swivel gun. Wilhelm.

Swivel bridge, a kind of drawbridge that turns round on a vertical axis; a swing bridge.Swivel hook, a hook connected with the iron strap of a pulley block by a swivel joint, for readily taking the turns out of a tackle.Swivel joint, a joint, the two pieces composing which turn round, with respect to each other, on a longitudinal pin or axis, as in a chain, to prevent twisting.

(Swiv"el), v. i. To swing or turn, as on a pin or pivot.

(Swiv"el-eyed`) a. Squint- eyed. [Prov. Eng.]

(Swiz"zle) v. t. To drink; to swill. Halliwell.

(Swiz"zle), n. Ale and beer mixed; also, drink generally. [Prov. Eng.]

(Swob) n. & v. See Swab.

(Swob"ber) n.

1. See Swabber.

2. pl. Four privileged cards, formerly used in betting at the game of whist. [Written also swabber.] Swift.

(Swoll"en) p. p. of Swell.

(Swoll"en), a. Enlarged by swelling; immoderately increased; as, swollen eyes; swollen streams.

(Swoln) Contraction of Swollen, p. p. Milton.

Switchel to Sycophantize

(Switch"el) n. [See Sweet.] A beverage of molasses and water, seasoned with vinegar and ginger. [U. S.]

(Switch"ing), a. & n. from Switch, v.

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