Sweat box(Naut.), a small closet in which refractory men are confined.Sweat glands(Anat.), sudoriferous glands. See under Sudoriferous.

(Sweat"er) n.

1. One who sweats.

2. One who, or that which, causes to sweat; as: (a) A sudorific. (b) A woolen jacket or jersey worn by athletes. (c) An employer who oppresses his workmen by paying low wages. [Slang]

(Sweat"i*ly) adv. In a sweaty manner.

(Sweat"i*ness), n. Quality or state of being sweaty.

(Sweat"ing), a. & n. from Sweat, v.

Sweating bath, a bath producing sensible sweat; a stove or sudatory.Sweating house, a house for sweating persons in sickness.Sweating iron, a kind of knife, or a piece of iron, used to scrape off sweat, especially from horses; a horse scraper.Sweating room. (a) A room for sweating persons. (b) (Dairying) A room for sweating cheese and carrying off the superfluous juices.Sweating sickness (Med.), a febrile epidemic disease which prevailed in some countries of Europe, but particularly in England, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, characterized by profuse sweating. Death often occured in a few hours.

(Sweat"y) a. [Compar. Sweatier ; superl. Sweatiest.]

1. Moist with sweat; as, a sweaty skin; a sweaty garment.

2. Consisting of sweat; of the nature of sweat.

No noisome whiffs or sweaty streams.

3. Causing sweat; hence, laborious; toilsome; difficult. "The sweaty forge." Prior.

(Swede) n. [Cf. G. Schwede.]

1. A native or inhabitant of Sweden.

2. (Bot.) A Swedish turnip. See under Turnip.

(Swe`den*bor"gi*an) n. One who holds the doctrines of the New Jerusalem church, as taught by Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish philosopher and religious writer, who was born a. d. 1688 and died 1772. Swedenborg claimed to have intercourse with the spiritual world, through the opening of his spiritual senses in 1745. He taught that the Lord Jesus Christ, as comprehending in himself all the fullness of the Godhead, is the one only God, and that there is a spiritual sense to the Scriptures, which he (Swedenborg) was able to reveal, because he saw the correspondence between natural and spiritual things.

(Swe`den*bor"gi*an), a. Of or pertaining to Swedenborg or his views.

5. (Man.) A short run by a race horse in exercise.

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