To suspend payment(Com.), to cease paying debts or obligations; to fail; — said of a merchant, a bank, etc.

Syn. — To hang; interrupt; delay; intermit; stay; hinder; debar.

(Sus*pend") v. i. To cease from operation or activity; esp., to stop payment, or be unable to meet obligations or engagements (said of a commercial firm or a bank).

(Sus*pend"er) n. One who, or that which, suspends; esp., one of a pair of straps or braces worn over the shoulders, for holding up the trousers.

(Sus`pen*sa"tion) n. [Cf. LL. suspensatio suspension from a charge or benefice.] The act of suspending, or the state of being suspended, especially for a short time; temporary suspension.

(Sus*pense") a. [F. suspens, L. suspensus, p. p. of suspendere. See Suspend.]

1. Held or lifted up; held or prevented from proceeding. [Obs.]

[The great light of day] suspense in heaven.

(Sus*pec"tious*ness) n. Suspiciousness; cause for suspicion. [Obs. & R.] Ld. Berners.

(Sus*pect"less) a.

1. Not suspecting; having no suspicion. [R.] Sir T. Herbert.

2. Not suspected; not mistrusted. [R.] Beau. & Fl.

(Sus*pend") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Suspended; p. pr. & vb. n. Suspending.] [F. suspendre, or OF. souspendre L. suspendere, suspensum; pref. sus- (see Sub- ) + pendere to hang. See Pedant, and cf. Suspense, n.]

1. To attach to something above; to hang; as, to suspend a ball by a thread; to suspend a needle by a loadstone.

2. To make to depend; as, God hath suspended the promise of eternal life on the condition of obedience and holiness of life. [Archaic] Tillotson.

3. To cause to cease for a time; to hinder from proceeding; to interrupt; to delay; to stay.

Suspend your indignation against my brother.

The guard nor fights nor fies; their fate so near
At once suspends their courage and their fear.

4. To hold in an undetermined or undecided state; as, to suspend one's judgment or opinion. Locke.

5. To debar, or cause to withdraw temporarily, from any privilege, from the execution of an office, from the enjoyment of income, etc.; as, to suspend a student from college; to suspend a member of a club.

Good men should not be suspended from the exercise of their ministry and deprived of their livelihood for ceremonies which are on all hands acknowledged indifferent.
Bp. Sanderson.

6. To cause to cease for a time from operation or effect; as, to suspend the habeas corpus act; to suspend the rules of a legislative body.

7. (Chem.) To support in a liquid, as an insoluble powder, by stirring, to facilitate chemical action.

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