Surgeon apothecary, one who unites the practice of surgery with that of the apothecary. Dunglison.Surgeon dentist, a dental surgeon; a dentist.Surgeon fish. See def. 2, above.Surgeon general. (a) In the United States army, the chief of the medical department. (b) In the British army, a surgeon ranking next below the chief of the medical department.

(Sur"geon*cy) n. The office or employment of a surgeon, as in the naval or military service.

(Sur"geon*ry) n. Surgery. [Obs.]

(Sur"ge*ry) n. [OE. surgenrie, surgerie; cf. OF. cirurgie, F. chirurgie, L. chirurgia, Gr. . See Surgeon.]

1. The art of healing by manual operation; that branch of medical science which treats of manual operations for the healing of diseases or injuries of the body; that branch of medical science which has for its object the cure of local injuries or diseases, as wounds or fractures, tumors, etc., whether by manual operation or by medicines and constitutional treatment.

2. A surgeon's operating room or laboratory.

(Sur"gi*cal) a. Of or pertaining to surgeons or surgery; done by means of surgery; used in surgery; as, a surgical operation; surgical instruments.

Surgical fever. (Med.) (a) Pyæmia. (b) Traumatic fever, or the fever accompanying inflammation.

(Sur"gi*cal*ly), adv. By means of surgery.

(Sur"gy) a. Rising in surges or billows; full of surges; resembling surges in motion or appearance; swelling. "Over the surgy main." Pope.

(Su"ri*cat) n. [F. surikate, from the native name in South Africa.] (Zoöl.) Same as Zenick. [Written also suricate, surikate.]

Surinam toad
(Su`ri*nam" toad") (Zoöl.) A species of toad native of Surinam. See Pipa.

(Sur`in*tend"ant) n. [F. See Superintendent.] Superintendent. [R.]

(Sur"li*ly) adv. In a surly manner.

(Sur"li*ness), n. The quality or state of being surly.

(Sur"ling) n. [See Surly.] A sour, morose fellow. [Obs.] Camden.

Surgeful to Surrender

(Surge"ful) a. Abounding in surges; surgy. "Tossing the surgeful tides." Drayton.

(Surge"less), a. Free from surges; smooth; calm.

(Sur"gent) a. [L. surgens, p. pr.] Rising; swelling, as a flood. [R.] Robert Greene.

(Sur"geon) n. [OE. surgien, OF. surgien, contr. fr. chirurgien. See Chirurgeon.]

1. One whose profession or occupation is to cure diseases or injuries of the body by manual operation; one whose occupation is to cure local injuries or disorders whether by manual operation, or by medication and constitutional treatment.

2. (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of chætodont fishes of the family Teuthidæ, or Acanthuridæ, which have one or two sharp lancelike spines on each side of the base of the tail. Called also surgeon fish, doctor fish, lancet fish, and sea surgeon.

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