Such and such, or Such or such, certain; some; — used to represent the object indefinitely, as already particularized in one way or another, or as being of one kind or another. "In such and such a place shall be my camp." 2 Kings vi. 8. "Sovereign authority may enact a law commanding such and such an action." South.Such likeor character, of the like kind.

And many other such like things ye do.
Mark vii. 8.

(Su`cho*spon"dy*lous) a. [Gr. a crocodile + a vertebra.] (Zoöl.) Having dorsal vertebræ with long and divided transverse processes; — applied to certain reptiles.

(Such"wise`) adv. In a such a manner; so.

(Suck) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Sucked ; p. pr. & vb. n. Sucking.] [OE. suken, souken, AS. scan, sgan; akin to D. zuigen, G. saugen, OHG. sgan, Icel. sga, sjga, Sw. suga, Dan. suge, L. sugere. Cf. Honeysuckle, Soak, Succulent, Suction.]

1. To draw, as a liquid, by the action of the mouth and tongue, which tends to produce a vacuum, and causes the liquid to rush in by atmospheric pressure; to draw, or apply force to, by exhausting the air.

2. To draw liquid from by the action of the mouth; as, to suck an orange; specifically, to draw milk from (the mother, the breast, etc.) with the mouth; as, the young of an animal sucks the mother, or dam; an infant sucks the breast.

3. To draw in, or imbibe, by any process resembles sucking; to inhale; to absorb; as, to suck in air; the roots of plants suck water from the ground.

4. To draw or drain.

Old ocean, sucked through the porous globe.

5. To draw in, as a whirlpool; to swallow up.

As waters are by whirlpools sucked and drawn.

To suck in, to draw into the mouth; to imbibe; to absorb.To suck out, to draw out with the mouth; to empty by suction.To suck up, to draw into the mouth; to draw up by suction or absorption.

(Suck), v. i.

1. To draw, or attempt to draw, something by suction, as with the mouth, or through a tube.

Where the bee sucks, there suck I.

2. To draw milk from the breast or udder; as, a child, or the young of an animal, is first nourished by sucking.

3. To draw in; to imbibe; to partake.

The crown had sucked too hard, and now, being full, was like to draw less.

Such is used emphatically, without the correlative.

Now will he be mocking:
I shall have such a life.

Such was formerly used with numerals in the sense of times as much or as many; as, such ten, or ten times as many.

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