Subversion to Succorer

(Sub*ver"sion) n. [L. subversio: cf. F. subversion. See Subvert.] The act of overturning, or the state of being overturned; entire overthrow; an overthrow from the foundation; utter ruin; destruction; as, the subversion of a government; the subversion of despotic power; the subversion of the constitution.

The subversion [by a storm] of woods and timber . . . through my whole estate.

Laws have been often abused to the oppression and subversion of that order they were intended to preserve.

(Sub*ver"sion*a*ry) a. Promoting destruction.

(Sub*ver"sive) a. [Cf. F. subversif.] Tending to subvert; having a tendency to overthrow and ruin.

Lying is a vice subversive of the very ends and design of conversation.

(Sub*vert") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Subverted; p. pr. & vb. n. Subverting.] [L. subvertere, subversum; sub under + vertere to turn: cf. F. subvertir. See Verse.]

1. To overturn from the foundation; to overthrow; to ruin utterly.

These are his substance, sinews, arms, and strength,
With which he yoketh your rebellious necks,
Razeth your cities, and subverts your towns.

This would subvert the principles of all knowledge.

2. To pervert, as the mind, and turn it from the truth; to corrupt; to confound. 2 Tim. iii. 14.

Syn. — To overturn; overthrow; destroy; invert; reverse; extinguish.

(Sub*vert") v. i. To overthrow anything from the foundation; to be subversive.

They have a power given to them like that of the evil principle, to subvert and destroy.

(Sub*vert"ant) a. (Her.) Reversed. [R.]

(Sub*ver"te*bral) a. (Anat.) Situated beneath, or on the ventral side of, the vertebral column; situated beneath, or inside of, the endoskeleton; hypaxial; hyposkeletal.

(Sub*vert"er) n. One who, or that which, subverts; an overthrower. Sir T. More.

(Sub*vert"i*ble) a. That may be subverted.

(Sub*vi"tal*ized) a. Imperfectly vitalized; having naturally but little vital power or energy.

(Sub*vo"cal) a. & n. Same as Subtonic.

(Sub"way`) n. An underground way or gallery; especially, a passage under a street, in which water mains, gas mains, telegraph wires, etc., are conducted.

(Sub*work"er) n. A subordinate worker or helper. South.

(Sub*zon"al) a. (Anat.) Situated under a zone, or zona; — applied to a membrane between the zona radiata and the umbilical vesicle in the mammal embryo.

(Sub*zyg`o*mat"ic) a. (Anat.) Situated under the zygoma or zygomatic process.

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