(Stud"y) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Studied ; p. pr. & vb. n. Studying ] [OE. studien, OF. estudier, F. étudier. See Study, n.]

1. To fix the mind closely upon a subject; to dwell upon anything in thought; to muse; to ponder. Chaucer.

I found a moral first, and then studied for a fable.

2. To apply the mind to books or learning. Shak.

3. To endeavor diligently; to be zealous. 1 Thes. iv. 11.

(Stud"y), v. t.

1. To apply the mind to; to read and examine for the purpose of learning and understanding; as, to study law or theology; to study languages.

2. To consider attentively; to examine closely; as, to study the work of nature.

Study thyself; what rank or what degree
The wise Creator has ordained for thee.

3. To form or arrange by previous thought; to con over, as in committing to memory; as, to study a speech.

4. To make an object of study; to aim at sedulously; to devote one's thoughts to; as, to study the welfare of others; to study variety in composition.

For their heart studieth destruction.
Prov. xxiv. 2.

(||Stu"fa) n. [It. stufa a stove. See Stove.] A jet of steam issuing from a fissure in the earth.

(Stuff) n. [OF. estoffe, F. étoffe; of uncertain origin, perhaps of Teutonic origin and akin to E. stop, v.t. Cf. Stuff, v. t.]

1. Material which is to be worked up in any process of manufacture.

For the stuff they had was sufficient for all the work to make it, and too much.
Ex. xxxvi. 7.

Ambitions should be made of sterner stuff.

The workman on his stuff his skill doth show,
And yet the stuff gives not the man his skill.
Sir J. Davies.

2. The fundamental material of which anything is made up; elemental part; essence.

Yet do I hold it very stuff o' the conscience
To do no contrived murder.

3. Woven material not made into garments; fabric of any kind; specifically, any one of various fabrics of wool or worsted; sometimes, worsted fiber.

What stuff wilt have a kirtle of?

It [the arras] was of stuff and silk mixed, though, superior kinds were of silk exclusively.
F. G. Lee.

4. Furniture; goods; domestic vessels or utensils.

He took away locks, and gave away the king's stuff.

5. A medicine or mixture; a potion. Shak.

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