(Strix) n. [L. strix, strigis.] (Arch.) One of the flutings of a column.

(Stroam) v. i. [Prov. E. strome to walk with long strides.]

1. To wander about idly and vacantly. [Obs.]

2. To take long strides in walking. [Prov. Eng.]

(||Stro*bi"la) n.; pl. Strobilæ [NL., fr. Gr. anything twisted, a pine cone.] (Zoöl.) (a) A form of the larva of certain Discophora in a state of development succeeding the scyphistoma. The body of the strobila becomes elongated, and subdivides transversely into a series of lobate segments which eventually become ephyræ, or young medusæ. (b) A mature tapeworm.

(Strob`i*la"ceous) a. [See Strobila.] (Bot.) (a) Of or pertaining to a strobile or cone. (b) Producing strobiles.

(Strob`i*la"tion) n. (Zoöl.) The act or phenomenon of spontaneously dividing transversely, as do certain species of annelids and helminths; transverse fission. See Illust. under Syllidian.

(Strob"ile) n. [L. strobilus a pine cone, Gr. : cf. F. strobole.] [Written also strobil.]

1. (Bot.) A scaly multiple fruit resulting from the ripening of an ament in certain plants, as the hop or pine; a cone. See Cone, n., 3.

2. (Biol.) An individual asexually producing sexual individuals differing from itself also in other respects, as the tapeworm, — one of the forms that occur in metagenesis.

3. (Zoöl.) Same as Strobila.

(Stro*bil"i*form) a. Shaped like a strobile.

(Strob"i*line) a. Of or pertaining to a strobile; strobilaceous; strobiliform; as, strobiline fruits.

(Strob"o*scope) n. [Gr. a whirling + -scope.]

1. An instrument for studying or observing the successive phases of a periodic or varying motion by means of light which is periodically interrupted.

2. An optical toy similar to the phenakistoscope. See Phenakistoscope.

(Stroc"kle) n. (Glass Manuf.) A shovel with a turned-up edge, for frit, sand, etc. [Written also strocal, strocle, strokal.]

(Strode) n. See Strude. [Obs.]

(Strode), imp. of Stride.

(Stroke) obs. imp. of Strike. Struck.

(Stroke), n. [OE. strok, strook, strak, fr. striken. See Strike, v. t.]

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