1. To scatter; to spread by scattering; to cast or to throw loosely apart; — used of solids, separated or separable into parts or particles; as, to strew seed in beds; to strew sand on or over a floor; to strew flowers over a grave.

And strewed his mangled limbs about the field.

On a principal table a desk was open and many papers [were] strewn about.

2. To cover more or less thickly by scattering something over or upon; to cover, or lie upon, by having been scattered; as, they strewed the ground with leaves; leaves strewed the ground.

The snow which does the top of Pindus strew.

Is thine alone the seed that strews the plain?

3. To spread abroad; to disseminate.

She may strew dangerous conjectures.

(Strew"ing) n.

1. The act of scattering or spreading.

2. Anything that is, or may be, strewed; — used chiefly in the plural. Shak.

(Strew"ment) n. Anything scattered, as flowers for decoration. [Obs.] Shak.

(Strewn) p. p. of Strew.

(Stri"a) n.; pl. Striæ [L., a furrow, channel, hollow.]

1. A minute groove, or channel; a threadlike line, as of color; a narrow structural band or line; a striation; as, the striæ, or groovings, produced on a rock by a glacier passing over it; the striæ on the surface of a shell; a stria of nervous matter in the brain.

2. (Arch.) A fillet between the flutes of columns, pilasters, or the like. Oxf. Gloss.

(Stri"ate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Striated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Striating.] [See Striate, a.] To mark with striaæ. "Striated longitudinally." Owen.

(Stri"ate Stri"a*ted) a. [L. striatus, p. p. of striare to furnish with channels, from stria a channel.] Marked with striaæ, or fine grooves, or lines of color; showing narrow structural bands or lines; as, a striated crystal; striated muscular fiber.

(Stri*a"tion) n.

1. The quality or condition of being striated.

2. A stria; as, the striations on a shell.

(||Stri*a"tum) n. [NL.] (Anat.) The corpus striatum.

(Stri"a*ture) n. [L. striatura.] A stria.

(Strich) n. [Cf. L. strix, strigs, a streech owl.] (Zoöl.) An owl. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Strick), n. A bunch of hackled flax prepared for drawing into slivers. Knight.

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