Stigmatic geometry, or Stigmatics, that science in which the correspondence of index and stigma (see Stigma, 7) is made use of to establish geometrical proportions.

(Stig*mat"ic*al*ly), adv. With a stigma, or mark of infamy or deformity.

(Stig"ma*tist) n. One believed to be supernaturally impressed with the marks of Christ's wounds. See Stigma, 8.

(Stig`ma*ti*za"tion) n.

1. The act of stigmatizing.

2. (R. C. Ch.) The production of stigmata upon the body. See Stigma, 8.

(Stig"ma*tize) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Stigmatized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Stigmatizing ] [F. stigmatiser, Gr. .]

1. To mark with a stigma, or brand; as, the ancients stigmatized their slaves and soldiers.

That . . . hold out both their ears with such delight and ravishment, to be stigmatized and bored through in witness of their own voluntary and beloved baseness.

2. To set a mark of disgrace on; to brand with some mark of reproach or infamy.

To find virtue extolled and vice stigmatized.

(Stig"ma*tose`) a. (Bot.) Same as Stigmatic.

(Stig"o*no*man`cy) n. [Gr. one who is marked, or one who marks ( to mark with a pointed instrument, to prick) + -mancy.] Divination by writing on the bark of a tree.

(Stike) n. [See Stich.] Stanza. [Obs.] Sackville.

(Sti"lar) a. [From Stile a style.] Of or pertaining to the style of a dial. [Written also stylar.]

(Stil"bene) n. [See Stilbite.] (Chem.) A hydrocarbon, C14H12, produced artificially in large, fine crystals; — called also diphenyl ethylene, toluylene, etc.

Stigmaria to Stimulant

(||Stig*ma"ri*a) n. [NL. See Stigma.] (Paleon.) The fossil root stem of a coal plant of the genus Sigillaria.

(||Stig"ma*ta) n.; pl. of Stigma.

(Stig*mat"ic) n.

1. A notorious profligate or criminal who has been branded; one who bears the marks of infamy or punishment. [R.] Bullokar.

2. A person who is marked or deformed by nature. Shak.

(Stig*mat"ic Stig*mat"ic*al) a. [See Stigma.]

1. Marked with a stigma, or with something reproachful to character.

2. Impressing with infamy or reproach. [R.]

3. (Bot., Anat., etc) Of or pertaining to a stigma or stigmata.

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