Starry ray(Zoöl.), a European skate (Raita radiata); — so called from the stellate bases of the dorsal spines.

(Star"shine`) n. The light of the stars. [R.]

The starshine lights upon our heads.
R. L. Stevenson.

(Star"shoot`) n. See Nostoc.

(Star"-span`gled) a. Spangled or studded with stars.

Star-spangled banner, the popular name for the national ensign of the United States. F. S. Key.

(Star"stone`) n. (Min.) Asteriated sapphire.

(Start) v. i. [imp. & p. p. started; p. pr. & vb. n. starting.] [OE. sterten; akin to D. storten 8hurl, rush, fall, G. stürzen, OHG. sturzen to turn over, to fall, Sw. störa to cast down, to fall, Dan. styrte, and probably also to E. start a tail; the original sense being, perhaps, to show the tail, to tumble over suddenly. &radic166. Cf. Start a tail.]

1. To leap; to jump. [Obs.]

2. To move suddenly, as with a spring or leap, from surprise, pain, or other sudden feeling or emotion, or by a voluntary act.

And maketh him out of his sleep to start.

I start as from some dreadful dream.

Keep your soul to the work when ready to start aside.
I. Watts.

But if he start,
It is the flesh of a corrupted heart.

1. Adorned or studded with stars; bespangled.

2. Influenced in fortune by the stars. [Obs.]

My third comfort,
Starred most unluckily.

(Star"ri*ness) n. The quality or state of being starry; as, the starriness of the heavens.

(Star"ry) a.

1. Abounding with stars; adorned with stars. "Above the starry sky." Pope.

2. Consisting of, or proceeding from, the stars; stellar; stellary; as, starry light; starry flame.

Do not Christians and Heathens, Jews and Gentiles, poets and philosophers, unite in allowing the starry influence?
Sir W. Scott.

3. Shining like stars; sparkling; as, starry eyes.

4. Arranged in rays like those of a star; stellate.

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