To spread cloth, to unfurl sail. [Obs.] Evelyn.

Syn. — To diffuse; propogate; disperse; publish; distribute; scatter; circulate; disseminate; dispense.

(Spread), v. i.

1. To extend in length and breadth in all directions, or in breadth only; to be extended or stretched; to expand.

Plants, if they spread much, are seldom tall.

Governor Winthrop, and his associates at Charlestown, had for a church a large, spreading tree.
B. Trumbull.

2. To be extended by drawing or beating; as, some metals spread with difficulty.

3. To be made known more extensively, as news.

4. To be propagated from one to another; as, the disease spread into all parts of the city. Shak.

(Spread), n.

1. Extent; compass.

I have got a fine spread of improvable land.

2. Expansion of parts.

No flower hath spread like that of the woodbine.

3. A cloth used as a cover for a table or a bed.

1. To extend in length and breadth, or in breadth only; to stretch or expand to a broad or broader surface or extent; to open; to unfurl; as, to spread a carpet; to spread a tent or a sail.

He bought a parcel of a field where he had spread his tent.
Gen. xxxiii. 19.

Here the Rhone
Hath spread himself a couch.

2. To extend so as to cover something; to extend to a great or grater extent in every direction; to cause to fill or cover a wide or wider space.

Rose, as in a dance, the stately trees, and spread
Their branches hung with copious fruit.

3. To divulge; to publish, as news or fame; to cause to be more extensively known; to disseminate; to make known fully; as, to spread a report; — often acompanied by abroad.

They, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.
Matt. ix. 31.

4. To propagate; to cause to affect great numbers; as, to spread a disease.

5. To diffuse, as emanations or effluvia; to emit; as, odoriferous plants spread their fragrance.

6. To strew; to scatter over a surface; as, to spread manure; to spread lime on the ground.

7. To prepare; to set and furnish with provisions; as, to spread a table.

Boiled the flesh, and spread the board.

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