To spot timber, to cut or chip it, in preparation for hewing.

(Spot), v. i. To become stained with spots.

(Spot"less), a. Without a spot; especially, free from reproach or impurity; pure; untainted; innocent; as, a spotless mind; spotless behavior.

A spotless virgin, and a faultless wife.

Syn. — Blameless; unspotted; unblemished; pure; immaculate; irreproachable. See Blameless.

Spot"less*ly, adv.Spot"less*ness, n.

(Spot"ted), a. Marked with spots; as, a spotted garment or character. "The spotted panther." Spenser.

Spotted fever(Med.), a name applied to various eruptive fevers, esp. to typhus fever and cerebro- spinal meningitis.Spotted tree(Bot.), an Australian tree (Flindersia maculosa); — so called because its bark falls off in spots.

(Spot"ted*ness), n. State or quality of being spotted.

(Spot"ter) n. One who spots.

(Spot"ti*ness) n. The state or quality of being spotty.

(Spot"ty) a. Full of spots; marked with spots.

(Spous"age) n. [OF. espousaige, from espouser. See Spouse, v. t.] Espousal. [Obs.] Bale.

(Spous"al) a. [See Espousal, Sponsal, and Spouse.] Of or pertaining to a spouse or marriage; nuptial; matrimonial; conjugal; bridal; as, spousal rites; spousal ornaments. Wordsworth.

(Spous"al), n. [See Espousal, Spouse.] Marriage; nuptials; espousal; — generally used in the plural; as, the spousals of Hippolita. Dryden.

Boweth your head under that blissful yoke . . .
Which that men clepeth spousal or wedlock.

the spousals of the newborn year.

(Spouse) n. [OF. espous, espos, fem. espouse, F. époux, épouse, fr. L. sponsus, sponsa, prop. p. p. of spondere, sponsum, to promise solemnly, to engage one's self. Cf. Despond, Espouse, respond, Sponsor.]

1. A man or woman engaged or joined in wedlock; a married person, husband or wife.

At last such grace I found, and means I wrought,
That that lady to my spouse had won.

3. To stain; to blemish; to taint; to disgrace; to tarnish, as reputation; to asperse.

My virgin life no spotted thoughts shall stain.
Sir P. Sidney.

If ever I shall close these eyes but once,
May I live spotted for my perjury.
Beau. & Fl.

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