Sorb apple, the fruit of the sorb, or wild service tree.Sorb tree, the wild service tree.

(Sor"bate) n. [Cf. F. sorbate. See Sorbic.] (Chem.) A salt of sorbic acid.

(Sor`be*fa"cient) a. [L. sorbere to suck in, absorb + faciens, p. pr. of facere to make.] (Med.) Producing absorption.n. A medicine or substance which produces absorption.

(Sorb"ent) n. [L. sorbens, p. pr. of sorbere to suck in, to absorb.] An absorbent. [R.]

(Sor"bet) n. [F. sorbet or It. sorbetto or Sp. sorbete, from the same source as E. sherbet. See Sherbet.] A kind of beverage; sherbet. Smolett.

(Sor"bic) a. [Cf. F. sorbique. See Sorb.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, the rowan tree, or sorb; specifically, designating an acid, CHCOH, of the acetylene series, found in the unripe berries of this tree, and extracted as a white crystalline substance.

(Sor"bile) a. [L. sorbilis, fr. sorbere to suck in, to drink down.] Fit to be drunk or sipped. [Obs.]

(Sor"bin) n. (Chem.) An unfermentable sugar, isomeric with glucose, found in the ripe berries of the rowan tree, or sorb, and extracted as a sweet white crystalline substance; — called also mountain- ash sugar.

(Sor"bite) n. [L. sorbus service tree.] (Chem.) A sugarlike substance, isomeric with mannite and dulcite, found with sorbin in the ripe berries of the sorb, and extracted as a sirup or a white crystalline substance.Sor*bit"ic a.

(Sor*bi"tion) n. [L. sorbitio.] The act of drinking or sipping. [Obs.]

(Sor*bon"ic*al) a. Belonging to the Sorbonne or to a Sorbonist. Bale.

(Sor"bon*ist) n. [F. sorboniste.] A doctor of the Sorbonne, or theological college, in the University of Paris, founded by Robert de Sorbon, a. d. 1252. It was suppressed in the Revolution of 1789.

(Sor"cer*er) n. [Cf. F. sorcier. See Sorcery.] A conjurer; an enchanter; a magician. Bacon.

Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers.
Ex. vii. 11.

(Sor"cer*ess), n. A female sorcerer.

(Sor"cer*ing), n. Act or practice of using sorcery.

(Sor"cer*ous) a. Of or pertaining to sorcery.

(Sor"cer*y) n.; pl. Sorceries [OE. sorcerie, OF. sorcerie, fr. OF. & F. sorcier a sorcerer, LL. sortiarius, fr. L. sors, sortis, a lot, decision by lot, fate, destiny. See Sort, n.] Divination by the assistance, or supposed assistance, of evil spirits, or the power of commanding evil spirits; magic; necromancy; witchcraft; enchantment.

Adder's wisdom I have learned,
To fence my ear against thy sorceries.

(Sord) n. See Sward. [R.] Milton.

Sorance to Sorry

(Sor"ance) n. Soreness. [Obs.]

(Sorb) n.[L. sorbus the tree, sorbum the fruit; cf. F. sorbe. See Service tree.] (Bot.) (a) The wild service tree (Pyrus torminalis) of Europe; also, the rowan tree. (b) The fruit of these trees.

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