Snub nose, a short or flat nose.Snub post, or Snubbing post(Naut.), a post on a dock or shore, around which a rope is thrown to check the motion of a vessel.

(Snub"-nosed`) a. Having a short, flat nose, slightly turned up; as, the snub-nosed eel.

Snub-nosed cachalot(Zoöl.), the pygmy sperm whale.

(Snudge) v. i. [Cf. Snug.] To lie snug or quiet. [Obs.] Herbert.

(Snudge), n. A miser; a sneaking fellow. [Obs.]

(Snuff) n. [Cf. G. schnuppe candle snuff, schnuppen to snuff a candle (see Snuff, v. t., to snuff a candle), or cf. Snub, v. t.] The part of a candle wick charred by the flame, whether burning or not.

If the burning snuff happens to get out of the snuffers, you have a chance that it may fall into a dish of soup.

(Snuff), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Snuffed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Snuffing.] [OE. snuffen. See Snuff of a candle Snuff to sniff.] To crop the snuff of, as a candle; to take off the end of the snuff of.

To snuff out, to extinguish by snuffing.

(Snuff) v. t.[Akin to D. snuffen, G. schnupfen, schnuppen, to snuff, schnupfen a cold in the head, schnuppen to snuff also, to snuff Cf. Sniff, Snout, Snub, v. i.]

1. To draw in, or to inhale, forcibly through the nose; to sniff.

He snuffs the wind, his heels the sand excite.

2. To perceive by the nose; to scent; to smell.

(Snuff), v. i.

1. To inhale air through the nose with violence or with noise, as do dogs and horses. Dryden.

2. To turn up the nose and inhale air, as an expression of contempt; hence, to take offense.

Do the enemies of the church rage and snuff?
Bp. Hall.

(Snuff), n.

1. The act of snuffing; perception by snuffing; a sniff.

2. Pulverized tobacco, etc., prepared to be taken into the nose; also, the amount taken at once.

3. Resentment, displeasure, or contempt, expressed by a snuffing of the nose. [Obs.]

(Snub), n.

1. A knot; a protuberance; a song. [Obs.]

[A club] with ragged snubs and knotty grain.

2. A check or rebuke; an intended slight. J. Foster.

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