, to cut off.To smite out, to knock out, as a tooth. Exod. xxi. 27.To smite with the tongue, to reproach or upbraid; to revile. [Obs.] Jer. xviii. 18.

(Smite), v. i. To strike; to collide; to beat. [Archaic]

The heart melteth, and the knees smite together.
Nah. ii. 10.

(Smite), n. The act of smiting; a blow.

(Smit"er) n. One who smites.

I give my back to the smiters.
Isa. l. 6.

(Smith) n. [AS. smið; akin to D. smid, G. schmied, OHG. smid, Icel. smiðr, Dan. & Sw. smed, Goth. smiþa (in comp.); cf. Gr. smi`lh a sort of knife, sminy`h a hoe, mattock.]

1. One who forges with the hammer; one who works in metals; as, a blacksmith, goldsmith, silversmith, and the like. Piers Plowman.

Nor yet the smith hath learned to form a sword.

2. One who makes or effects anything. [R.] Dryden.

(Smith), v. t. [AS. smiðian. See Smith, n.] To beat into shape; to forge. [Obs.] Chaucer.

What smith that any [weapon] smitheth.
Piers Plowman.

(Smith"craft`) n. The art or occupation of a smith; smithing. [R.] Sir W. Raleigh.

(Smith"er) n.

1. Light, fine rain. [Prov. Eng.]

2. pl. Fragments; atoms; finders. [Prov. Eng.]

Smash the bottle to smithers.

(Smith`er*eens") n. pl. Fragments; atoms; smithers. [Colloq.] W. Black.

(Smith"er*y) n.; pl. -ies

1. The workshop of a smith; a smithy or stithy.

2. Work done by a smith; smithing.

The din of all his smithery may some time or other possibly wake this noble duke.

(Smith"ing), n. The act or art of working or forging metals, as iron, into any desired shape. Moxon.

(Smith*so"ni*an) a. Of or pertaining to the Englishman J. L. M. Smithson, or to the national institution of learning which he endowed at Washington, D. C.; as, the Smithsonian Institution; Smithsonian Reports.n. The Smithsonian Institution.

(Smith"son*ite) n. [See Smithsonian.] (Min.) Native zinc carbonate. It generally occurs in stalactitic, reniform, or botryoidal shapes, of a white to gray, green, or brown color. See Note under Calamine.

To smite off

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