Slippery elm. (Bot.) (a) An American tree (Ulmus fulva) with a mucilagenous and slightly aromatic inner bark which is sometimes used medicinally; also, the inner bark itself. (b) A malvaceous shrub (Fremontia Californica); — so called on the Pacific coast.

(Slip"pi*ness) n. Slipperiness. [R.] "The slippiness of the way." Sir W. Scott.

(Slip"py) a. [AS. slipeg.] Slippery.

(Slip"shod`) a.

1. Wearing shoes or slippers down at the heel.

The shivering urchin bending as he goes,
With slipshod heels.

2. Figuratively: Careless in dress, manners, style, etc.; slovenly; shuffling; as, slipshod manners; a slipshod or loose style of writing.

Thy wit shall ne'er go slipshod.

(Slip"shoe`) n. A slipper. Halliwell.

(Slip"skin`) a. Evasive. [Obs.] Milton.

(Slip"slop`) n. [A reduplication of slop.] Weak, poor, or flat liquor; weak, profitless discourse or writing.

(Slip"string`) n. One who has shaken off restraint; a prodigal. [Obs.] Cotgrave.

(Slip"thrift`) n. A spendthrift. [Obs.]

(Slish) n. [A corruption of slash.] A cut; as, slish and slash. [Colloq.] Shak.

(Slit) obs. 3d. pers. sing. pres. of Slide. Chaucer.

(Slit) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Slit or Slitted ; p. pr. & vb. n. Slitting.] [OE. slitten, fr. sliten, AS. stitan to tear; akin to D. slijten to wear out, G. schleissen to slit, split, OHG. slizan to split, tear, wear out, Icel. stita to break, tear, wear out, Sw. slita, Dan. slide. Cf. Eclat, Slate, n., Slice.]

1. To cut lengthwise; to cut into long pieces or strips; as, to slit iron bars into nail rods; to slit leather into straps.

2. To cut or make a long fissure in or upon; as, to slit the ear or the nose.

3. To cut; to sever; to divide. [Obs.]

And slits the thin-spun life.

(Slit), n. [AS. slite.] A long cut; a narrow opening; as, a slit in the ear.

Gill slit. (Anat.) See Gill opening, under Gill.

(Slith"er) v. i. [Cf. G. schlittern, LG. schliddern. See Slide.] To slide; to glide. [Prov. Eng.]

6. Uncertain in effect. L'Estrange.

7. Wanton; unchaste; loose in morals. Shak.

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