Air-slacked lime, lime slacked by exposure to the air, in consequence of the absorption of carton dioxide and water, by which it is converted into carbonate of lime and hydrate of lime.

(Slack"en) n. (Metal.) A spongy, semivitrifled substance which miners or smelters mix with the ores of metals to prevent their fusion. [Written also slakin.]

(Slack"ly), adv. In a slack manner. Trench.

(Slack"ness), n. The quality or state of being slack.

(Slade) n. [AS. sld.]

1. A little dell or valley; a flat piece of low, moist ground. [Obs.] Drayton.

2. The sole of a plow.

(Slag) n. [Sw. slagg, or LG. slacke, whence G. schlacke; originally, perhaps, the splinters struck off from the metal by hammering. See Slay, v. t.]

1. The dross, or recrement, of a metal; also, vitrified cinders.

2. The scoria of a volcano.

Slag furnace, or Slag hearth(Metal.), a furnace, or hearth, for extracting lead from slags or poor ore.Slag wool, mineral wool. See under Mineral.

(Slag"gy) a. Of or pertaining to slag; resembling slag; as, slaggy cobalt.

(Slaie) n. [See Sley.] A weaver's reed; a sley.

(Slake) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Slaked ; p. pr. & vb. n. Slaking.] [OE. slaken to render slack, to slake, AS. sleacian, fr. sleac slack. See Slack, v. & a.]

1. To allay; to quench; to extinguish; as, to slake thirst. "And slake the heavenly fire." Spenser.

It could not slake mine ire nor ease my heart.

2. To mix with water, so that a true chemical combination shall take place; to slack; as, to slake lime.

(Slake), v. i.

1. To go out; to become extinct. "His flame did slake." Sir T. Browne.

2. To abate; to become less decided. [R.] Shak.

3. To slacken; to become relaxed. "When the body's strongest sinews slake." [R.] Sir J. Davies.

4. To become mixed with water, so that a true chemical combination takes place; as, the lime slakes.

Slake trough, a trough containing water in which a blacksmith cools a forging or tool.

(Slake"less), a. Not capable of being slaked.

(Slak"in) n. (Metal.) Slacken.

5. To cause to become less intense; to mitigate; to abate; to ease.

To respite, or deceive, or slack thy pain
Of this ill mansion.

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