Slant or wind, a local variation of the wind from its general direction.

Slanderer to Slave

(Slan"der*er) n. One who slanders; a defamer; a calumniator. Jer. Taylor.

(Slan"der*ous) a.

1. Given or disposed to slander; uttering slander. "Slanderous tongue." Shak.

2. Embodying or containing slander; calumnious; as, slanderous words, speeches, or reports.

Slan"der*ous*ly, adv.Slan"der*ous*ness, n.

(Slang) imp. of Sling. Slung. [Archaic]

(Slang), n. Any long, narrow piece of land; a promontory. [Local, Eng.] Holland.

(Slang), n. [Cf. Sling.] A fetter worn on the leg by a convict. [Eng.]

(Slang), n. [Said to be of Gypsy origin; but probably from Scand., and akin to E. sling; cf. Norw. sleng a slinging, an invention, device, slengja to sling, to cast, slengja kjeften (literally, to sling the jaw) to use abusive language, to use slang, slenjeord (ord = word) an insulting word, a new word that has no just reason for being.] Low, vulgar, unauthorized language; a popular but unauthorized word, phrase, or mode of expression; also, the jargon of some particular calling or class in society; low popular cant; as, the slang of the theater, of college, of sailors, etc.

(Slang), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Slanged ; p. pr. & vb. n. Slanging.] To address with slang or ribaldry; to insult with vulgar language. [Colloq.]

Every gentleman abused by a cabman or slanged by a bargee was bound there and then to take off his coat and challenge him to fisticuffs.
London Spectator.

(Slang"i*ness) n. Quality of being slangy.

(Slan"gous) a. Slangy. [R.] John Bee.

(Slang"-whang`er) n. [Slang + whang to beat.] One who uses abusive slang; a ranting partisan. [Colloq. or Humorous] W. Irving.

(Slang"y) a. Of or pertaining to slang; of the nature of slang; disposed to use slang. [Written also slangey.]

(Slank) imp. & p. p. of Slink.

(Slant) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Slanted; p. pr. & vb. n. Slanting.] [OE. slenten to slope, slide; cf. Sw. slinta to slide.] To be turned or inclined from a right line or level; to lie obliquely; to slope.

On the side of younder slanting hill.

(Slant), v. t. To turn from a direct line; to give an oblique or sloping direction to; as, to slant a line.

(Slant), n.

1. A slanting direction or plane; a slope; as, it lies on a slant.

2. An oblique reflection or gibe; a sarcastic remark.

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