Slab line(Naut.), a line or small rope by which seamen haul up the foot of the mainsail or foresail. Totten.

(Slab), a. [Cf. Gael. & Ir. slaib mud, mire left on a river strand, and E. slop puddle.] Thick; viscous. [Obs.]

Make the gruel thick and slab.

(Slab), n. That which is slimy or viscous; moist earth; mud; also, a puddle. [Obs.] Evelyn.

(Slab"ber) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Slabbered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Slabbering.] [OE. slaberen; akin to LG. & D. slabbern, G. schlabbern, LG. & D. slabben, G. schlabben, Icel. slafra. Cf. Slaver, Slobber, Slubber.] To let saliva or some liquid fall from the mouth carelessly, like a child or an idiot; to drivel; to drool. [Written also slaver, and slobber.]

(Skyed) a. Surrounded by sky. [Poetic & R.] "The skyed mountain." Thomson.

Skye terrier
(Skye" ter"ri*er) (Zoöl.) See Terrier.

(Sky"ey) a. Like the sky; ethereal; being in the sky. "Skyey regions." Thackeray.

Sublime on the towers of my skyey bowers,
Lightning, my pilot, sits.

(Sky"-high`) adv. & a. Very high. [Colloq.]

(Sky"ish), a. Like the sky, or approaching the sky; lofty; ethereal. [R.] Shak.

(Sky"lark`) n. (Zoöl.) A lark that mounts and sings as it files, especially the common species (Alauda arvensis) found in Europe and in some parts of Asia, and celebrated for its melodious song; — called also sky laverock. See under Lark.

The Australian skylark (Cincloramphus cantillans) is a pipit which has the habit of ascending perpendicularly like a skylark, but it lacks the song of a true lark. The Missouri skylark is a pipit (Anthus Spraguei) of the Western United States, resembling the skylark in habit and song.

(Sky"lark"ing), n. The act of running about the rigging of a vessel in sport; hence, frolicking; scuffing; sporting; carousing. [Colloq.]

(Sky"light`) n. A window placed in the roof of a building, in the ceiling of a room, or in the deck of a ship, for the admission of light from above.

(Sky"rock`et) n. A rocket that ascends high and burns as it flies; a species of fireworks.

(Sky"sail) n. (Naut.) The sail set next above the royal. See Illust. under Sail.

(Sky"ward) a. & adv. Toward the sky.

(Slab) n. [OE. slabbe, of uncertain origin; perhaps originally meaning, a smooth piece, and akin to slape, Icel. sleipr slippery, and E. slip, v. i.]

1. A thin piece of anything, especially of marble or other stone, having plane surfaces. Gwilt.

2. An outside piece taken from a log or timber in sawing it into boards, planks, etc.

3. (Zoöl.) The wryneck. [Prov. Eng.]

4. (Naut.) The slack part of a sail.

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