Opossum shrimp. (Zoöl.) See under Opossum.Spector shrimp, or Skeleton shrimp(Zoöl.), any slender amphipod crustacean of the genus Caprella and allied genera. See Illust. under Læmodopoda.Shrimp catcher(Zoöl.), the little tern Shrimp net, a dredge net fixed upon a pole, or a sweep net dragged over the fishing ground.

(Shrimp"er) n. One who fishes for shrimps.

(Shrine) n. [OE. schrin, AS. scrin, from L. scrinium a case, chest, box.]

1. A case, box, or receptacle, especially one in which are deposited sacred relics, as the bones of a saint.

2. Any sacred place, as an altar, tromb, or the like.

Too weak the sacred shrine guard.

To utter an acute, piercing sound; to sound with a sharp, shrill tone; to become shrill.

Break we our pipes, that shrilledloud as lark.

No sounds were heard but of the shrilling cock.

His voice shrilled with passion.
L. Wallace.

(Shrill), v. t. To utter or express in a shrill tone; to cause to make a shrill sound.

How poor Andromache shrills her dolors forth.

(Shrill"-gorged`) a. Having a throat which produces a shrill note. [R.] Shak.

(Shrill"ness), n. The quality or state of being shrill.

(Shrill"-tongued`) a. Having a shrill voice. "When shrill-tongued Fulvia scolds." Shak.

(Shril"ly), adv. In a shrill manner; acutely; with a sharp sound or voice.

(Shril"ly), a. Somewhat shrill. [Poetic] Sir W. Scott.

Some kept up a shrilly mellow sound.

(Shrimp) v. t. [Cf. AS. scrimman to dry up, wither, MHG. schrimpfen to shrink, G. schrumpfen, Dan. skrumpe, skrumpes, Da. & Sw. skrumpen shriveled. Cf. Scrimp, Shrink, Shrivel.] To contract; to shrink. [Obs.]

(Shrimp), n. [OE. shrimp; — probably so named from its shriveled appearance. See Shrimp, v.]

1. (Zoöl.) (a) Any one of numerous species of macruran Crustacea belonging to Crangon and various allied genera, having a slender body and long legs. Many of them are used as food. The larger kinds are called also prawns. See Illust. of Decapoda. (b) In a more general sense, any species of the macruran tribe Caridea, or any species of the order Schizopoda, having a similar form. (c) In a loose sense, any small crustacean, including some amphipods and even certain entomostracans; as, the fairy shrimp, and brine shrimp. See under Fairy, and Brine.

2. Figuratively, a little wrinkled man; a dwarf; — in contempt.

This weak and writhled shrimp.

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