Shooting stick(Print.), a tapering piece of wood or iron, used by printers to drive up the quoins in the chase. Hansard.

(Shoot"y) a. Sprouting or coming up freely and regularly. [Prev. Eng.] Grose.

(Shop) obs. imp. of Shape. Shaped. Chaucer.

(Shop), n. [OE. shoppe, schoppe, AS. sceoppa a treasury, a storehouse, stall, booth; akin to scypen a shed, LG. schup a shed, G. schoppen, schuppen, a shed, a coachhouse, OHG. scopf.]

1. A building or an apartment in which goods, wares, drugs, etc., are sold by retail.

From shop to shop
Wandering, and littering with unfolded silks
The polished counter.

2. A building in which mechanics or artisans work; as, a shoe shop; a car shop.

A tailor called me in his shop.

Shop is often used adjectively or in composition; as, shop rent, or shop-rent; shop thief, or shop-thief; shop window, or shop-window, etc.

To smell of the shop, to indicate too distinctively one's occupation or profession.To talk shop, to make one's business the topic of social conversation; also, to use the phrases peculiar to one's employment. [Colloq.]

Syn. — Store; warehouse. See Store.

(Shop), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Shopped ; p. pr. & vb. n. Shopping.] To visit shops for the purpose of purchasing goods.

He was engaged with his mother and some ladies to go shopping.

(Shop"board`) n. A bench or board on which work is performed; a workbench. South.

(Shop"book`) n. A book in which a tradesman keeps his accounts. Locke.

(Shop"boy`) n. A boy employed in a shop.

(Sho"pen) obs. p. p. of Shape. Chaucer.

(Shop"girl`) n. A girl employed in a shop.

(Shop"keep`er) n. A trader who sells goods in a shop, or by retail; — in distinction from one who sells by wholesale. Addison.

(Shop"lift`er) n. [Shop + lift. See Lift to steal.] One who steals anything in a shop, or takes goods privately from a shop; one who, under pretense of buying goods, takes occasion to steal.

(Shop"lift`ing), n. Larceny committed in a shop; the stealing of anything from a shop.

(Shop"like`), a. Suiting a shop; vulgar. B. Jonson.

(Shop"maid`) n. A shopgirl.

(Shop"man) n.; pl. Shopmen

were moving in orbits closely allied to the orbits of comets. See Leonids, Perseids. (b) (Bot.) The American cowslip See under Cowslip.

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