American cowslip(Bot.), a pretty flower of the West belonging to the same order (Primulaceæ) with the English cowslip.French cowslip(Bot.), bear's-ear

(Cow"slipped`) a. Adorned with cowslips. "Cowslipped lawns." Keats.

Cow's lungwort
(Cow's" lung"wort`) Mullein.

Cow tree
(Cow" tree`) [Cf. SP. palo de vaca.] (Bot.) A tree (Galactodendron utile or Brosimum Galactodendron) of South America, which yields, on incision, a nourishing fluid, resembling milk.

(Cow"weed") , n. (Bot.) Same as Cow parsley.

(Cow"wheat`) n. (Bot.) A weed of the genus Melampyrum, with black seeds, found on European wheatfields.

(Cox) n. [OE. cokes. Cf. Coax.] A coxcomb; a simpleton; a gull. [Obs.]

Go; you're a brainless cox, a toy, a fop.
Beau. & Fl.

(||Cox"a) n. [L., the hip.] (Zoöl.) The first joint of the leg of an insect or crustacean.

(||Cox*al"gi*a Cox"al`gy) n. [NL. coxalgia, fr. L. coxa hip. + Gr. pain: cf. F. coxalgie.] (Med.) Pain in the hip.

(Cow"pea`) n. The seed of one or more leguminous plants of the genus Dolichos; also, the plant itself. Many varieties are cultivated in the southern part of the United States.

Cowper's glands
(Cow"per's glands`) [After the discoverer, William Cowper, an English surgeon.] (Anat.) Two small glands discharging into the male urethra.

(Cow"-pi`lot) n. (Zoöl.) A handsomely banded, coral-reef fish, of Florida and the West Indies (Pomacentrus saxatilis); — called also mojarra.

(Cow"pock`) n. See Cowpox. Dunglison.

(Cow"pox`) n. (Med.) A pustular eruptive disease of the cow, which, when communicated to the human system, as by vaccination, protects from the smallpox; vaccinia; — called also kinepox, cowpock, and kinepock. Dunglison.

(Cow"quake`) n. (Bot.) A genus of plants (Briza); quaking grass.

(Cow"rie) n. (Bot.) Same as Kauri.

(Cow"rie Cow"ry) n.; pl. Cowries (- riz). [Hind. kauri.] (Zoöl.) A marine shell of the genus Cypræa.

There are numerous species, many of them ornamental. Formerly C. moneta and several other species were largely used as money in Africa and some other countries, and they are still so used to some extent. The value is always trifling, and varies at different places.

(Cow"slip`) n. [AS. cuslyppe, cusloppe, prob. orig., cow's droppings. Cf. Slop, n.] (Bot.)

1. A common flower in England (Primula veris) having yellow blossoms and appearing in early spring. It is often cultivated in the United States.

2. In the United States, the marsh marigold appearing in wet places in early spring and often used as a pot herb. It is nearer to a buttercup than to a true cowslip. See Illust. of Marsh marigold.

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