Shingle oak(Bot.), a kind of oak (Quercus imbricaria) used in the Western States for making shingles.

(Shin"gle), v. t. [imp. &. p. p. Shingled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Shingling ]

1. To cover with shingles; as, to shingle a roof.

They shingle their houses with it.

2. To cut, as hair, so that the ends are evenly exposed all over the head, as shingles on a roof.

(Shin"gle), v. t. To subject to the process of shindling, as a mass of iron from the pudding furnace.

(Shin"gler) n.

1. One who shingles.

2. A machine for shingling puddled iron.

(Shin"gles) n. [OF. cengle a girth, F. sangle, fr. L. cingulum a girdle, fr. cingere to gird. Cf. Cincture, Cingle, Surcingle.] (Med.) A kind of herpes (Herpes zoster) which spreads half way around the body like a girdle, and is usually attended with violent neuralgic pain.

(Shin"gling) n.

1. The act of covering with shingles; shingles, collectively; a covering made of shingles.

2. (Metal) The process of expelling scoriæ and other impurities by hammering and squeezing, in the production of wrought iron.

Shingling hammer, a ponderous hammer moved by machinery, used in shingling puddled iron. Shingling mill, a mill or forge where puddled iron is shingled.

(Shin"gly) a. Abounding with shingle, or gravel.

(Shin"hop`ple) n. The hobblebush.

(Shin"ing) a.

Shiness to Shire

(Shi"ness) n. See Shyness.

(Shin"gle) n. [Prob. from Norw. singl, singling, coarse gravel, small round stones.] (Geol.) Round, water-worn, and loose gravel and pebbles, or a collection of roundish stones, such as are common on the seashore and elsewhere.

(Shin"gle), n. [OE. shingle, shindle, fr. L. scindula, scandula; cf. scindere to cleave, to split, E. shed, v.t., Gr. shingle, to slit.]

1. A piece of wood sawed or rived thin and small, with one end thinner than the other, — used in covering buildings, especially roofs, the thick ends of one row overlapping the thin ends of the row below.

I reached St. Asaph, . . . where there is a very poor cathedral church covered with shingles or tiles.

2. A sign for an office or a shop; as, to hang out one's shingle. [Jocose, U. S.]

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