(Self`-ev"i*dent) a. Evident without proof or reasoning; producing certainty or conviction upon a bare presentation to the mind; as, a self-evident proposition or truth.Self`-ev"i*dent*ly, adv.

(Self`-ev`o*lu"tion) n. Evolution of one's self; development by inherent quality or power.

(Self`-ex`al*ta"tion) n. The act of exalting one's self, or the state of being so exalted.

(Self`-ex*am"i*nant) n. One who examines himself; one given to self-examination.

The humiliated self-examinant feels that there is evil in our nature as well as good.

(Self`-ex*am`i*na"tion) n. An examination into one's own state, conduct, and motives, particularly in regard to religious feelings and duties.

(Self`-ex*ist"ence) n. Inherent existence; existence possessed by virtue of a being's own nature, and independent of any other being or cause; — an attribute peculiar to God. Blackmore.

(Self`-ex*ist"ent) a. Existing of or by himself, independent of any other being or cause; — as, God is the only self-existent being.

(self`-ex*plain"ing) a. Explaining itself; capable of being understood without explanation.

(Self`-ex*po"sure) n. The act of exposing one's self; the state of being so exposed.

(Self`-fer`ti*li*za"tion) n. (Bot.) The fertilization of a flower by pollen from the same flower and without outer aid; autogamy.

(Self`-fer"ti*lized) a. (Bot.) Fertilized by pollen from the same flower.

(Self`-glo"ri*ous) a. Springing from vainglory or vanity; vain; boastful. Dryden.

(Self`-gov"ern*ment) n.

1. The act of governing one's self, or the state of being governed by one's self; self-control; self-command.

2. Hence, government of a community, state, or nation by the joint action of the mass of people constituting such a civil body; also, the state of being so governed; democratic government; democracy.

It is to self-government, the great principle of popular representation and administration, — the system that lets in all to participate in the councels that are to assign the good or evil to all, — that we may owe what we are and what we hope to be.
D. Webster.

(Self`-grat`u*la"tion) n. Gratulation of one's self.

(Self`-heal") n. (Bot.) A blue-flowered labiate plant (Brunella vulgaris); the healall.

(Self`-heal"ing) a. Having the power or property of healing itself.

(Self`-help") n. The act of aiding one's self, without depending on the aid of others.

(Self`-hom"i*cide) n. The act of killing one's self; suicide. Hakewill.

(Self"hood) n. Existence as a separate self, or independent person; conscious personality; individuality. Bib. Sacra.

(Self`-ig"no*rance) n. Ignorance of one's own character, powers, and limitations.

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