Selectman to Self-degradation

(Se*lect"man) n.; pl. Selectmen One of a board of town officers chosen annually in the New England States to transact the general public business of the town, and have a kind of executive authority. The number is usually from three to seven in each town.

The system of delegated town action was then, perhaps, the same which was defined in an "order made in 1635 by the inhabitants of Charlestown at a full meeting for the government of the town, by selectmen;" the name presently extended throughout New England to municipal governors.

(Se*lect"ness), n. The quality or state of being select.

(Se*lect"or) n. [L.] One who selects.

(Sel"e*nate) n. (Chem.) A salt of selenic acid; — formerly called also seleniate.

(Sel`en*hy"dric) a. (Chem.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, hydrogen selenide, H2Se, regarded as an acid analogous to sulphydric acid.

(Se*len"ic) a. [Cf. F. sélénique.] (Chem.) Of or pertaining to selenium; derived from, or containing, selenium; specifically, designating those compounds in which the element has a higher valence as contrasted with selenious compounds.

(Sel"e*nide) n. (Chem.) A binary compound of selenium, or a compound regarded as binary; as, ethyl selenide.

(Sel`e*nif"er*ous) a. [Selenium + -ferous. ] Containing, or impregnated with, selenium; as, seleniferous pyrites.

(Se*le"ni*o-) (Chem.) A combining form (also used adjectively) denoting the presence of selenium or its compounds; as, selenio-phosphate, a phosphate having selenium in place of all, or a part, of the oxygen.

(Se*le"ni*ous) a. [Cf. F. sélénieux.] (Chem.) Of, pertaining to, or containing, selenium; specifically, designating those compounds in which the element has a lower valence as contrasted with selenic compounds.

(Sel"e*nite) n. (Chem.) A salt of selenious acid.

(Sel"e*nite), n. [L. selenites, Gr. from selh`nh the moon. So called from a fancied resemblance in luster or appearance to the moon.] (Min.) A variety of gypsum, occuring in transparent crystals or crystalline masses.

(Sel`e*nit"ic Sel`e*nit"ic*al) a. (Min.) Of or pertaining to selenite; resembling or containing selenite.

(Se*le"ni*um) n. [NL., from Gr. selh`nh the moon. So called because of its chemical analogy to tellurium being, as it were, a companion to it.] (Chem.) A nonmetallic element of the sulphur group, and analogous to sulphur in its compounds. It is found in small quantities with sulphur and some sulphur ores, and obtained in the free state as a dark reddish powder or crystalline mass, or as a dark metallic- looking substance. It exhibits under the action of light a remarkable variation in electric conductivity, and is used in certain electric apparatus. Symbol Se. Atomic weight 78.9.

(Sel`e*ni"u*ret) n. (Chem.) A selenide. [Obs.]

(Sel`e*ni"u*ret`ed) a. (Chem.) Combined with selenium as in a selenide; as, seleniureted hydrogen. [Written also seleniuretted.] [Obsoles.]

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