In secret, in a private place; in privacy or secrecy; in a state or place not seen; privately.

Bread eaten in secret is pleasant.
Prov. ix. 17.

(Se"cret) v. t. To keep secret. [Obs.] Bacon.

(Se"cret*age) n. [F.] A process in which mercury, or some of its salts, is employed to impart the property of felting to certain kinds of furs. Ure.

(Sec`re*ta"ri*al) a. Of or pertaining to a secretary; befitting a secretary. [R.]

Secretarial, diplomatic, or other official training.

(Sec`re*ta"ri*at Sec`re*ta"ri*ate) n. [F. secrétariat.] The office of a secretary; the place where a secretary transacts business, keeps records, etc.

(Sec"re*ta*ry) n.; pl. Secretaries [F. secrétaire (cf. Pr. secretari, Sp. & Pg. secretario, It. secretario, segretario) LL. secretarius, originally, a confidant, one intrusted with secrets, from L. secretum a secret. See Secret, a. & n.]

(Se"cret) a. [F. secret (cf. Sp. & Pg. secreto, It. secreto, segreto), fr. L. secretus, p. p. of secernere to put apart, to separate. See Certain, and cf. Secrete, Secern.]

1. Hidden; concealed; as, secret treasure; secret plans; a secret vow. Shak.

The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but those things which are revealed belong unto us.
Deut. xxix. 29.

2. Withdrawn from general intercourse or notice; in retirement or secrecy; secluded.

There, secret in her sapphire cell,
He with the Naïs wont to dwell.

3. Faithful to a secret; not inclined to divulge or betray confidence; secretive. [R.]

Secret Romans, that have spoke the word,
And will not palter.

4. Separate; distinct. [Obs.]

They suppose two other divine hypostases superior thereunto, which were perfectly secret from matter.

Syn. — Hidden; concealed; secluded; retired; unseen; unknown; private; obscure; recondite; latent; covert; clandestine; privy. See Hidden.

(Se"cret), n. [F. secret (cf. Pr. secret, Sp. & Pg. secreto, It. secreto, segreto), from L. secretum. See Secret, a.]

1. Something studiously concealed; a thing kept from general knowledge; what is not revealed, or not to be revealed.

To tell our own secrets is often folly; to communicate those of others is treachery.

2. A thing not discovered; what is unknown or unexplained; a mystery.

All secrets of the deep, all nature's works.

3. pl. The parts which modesty and propriety require to be concealed; the genital organs.

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