Cerograph to Cession

(Ce"ro*graph) n. [Gr. khro`s wax + -graph.] A writing on wax. Knight.

(Ce`ro*graph"ic Ce`ro*graph"ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to cerography.

(Ce*rog"ra*phist) n. One who practices cerography.

(Ce*rog"ra*phy) n. [Gr. khro`s wax + -graphy.]

1. The art of making characters or designs in, or with, wax.

2. A method of making stereotype plates from inscribed sheets of wax.

(Cer"o*lite) n. [Gr. khro`s wax + -lite.] (Min.) A hydrous silicate of magnesium, allied to serpentine, occurring in waxlike masses of a yellow or greenish color.

(||Ce*ro"ma) n. [L., fr. Gr. ointment for wrestlers, the place for wrestling, fr. khroy^n to wax over, fr. khro`s wax.]

1. The unguent (a composition of oil and wax) with which wrestlers were anointed among the ancient Romans.

2. (Anc. Arch.) That part of the baths and gymnasia in which bathers and wrestlers anointed themselves.

3. (Zoöl.) The cere of birds.

(Cer"o*man`cy) n. [Gr. khro`s wax + -mancy.] Divination by dropping melted wax in water.

(Ce*roon") n. [See Seroon.] A bale or package. covered with hide, or with wood bound with hide; as, a ceroon of indigo, cochineal, etc.

(Ce`ro*plas"tic) a. [Gr. for modeling in wax; khro`s wax + to form, mold.] (Fine arts) (a) Relating to the art of modeling in wax. (b) Modeled in wax; as, a ceroplastic figure.

(Ce`ro*plas"tics Ce`ro*plas"ty) n. [Gr. (sc. art): cf. F. céroplastique.] The art of modeling in wax.

(Cer"o*sin) n. [L. cera wax.] (Chem.) A waxy substance obtained from the bark of the sugar cane, and crystallizing in delicate white laminæ.

(Ce"rote) n. [Obs.] See Cerate.

(Cer"o*tene) n. [L. cerotum a pomade. See Cerate.] (Chem.) A white waxy solid obtained from Chinese wax, and by the distillation of cerotin.

(Ce*rot"ic) a. [See Cerotene.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or derived from, beeswax or Chinese wax; as, cerotic acid or alcohol.

(Cer"o*tin) n. [See Cerotene.] (Chem.) A white crystalline substance, C27H55.OH, obtained from Chinese wax, and regarded as an alcohol of the marsh gas series; — called also cerotic alcohol, ceryl alcohol.

(Cer"ri*al) a. [L. cerreus, fr. cerrus a kind of oak.] (Bot.) Of or pertaining to the cerris.

Chaplets green of cerrial oak.

(||Cer"ris) n. [L. cerrus.] (Bot.) A species of oak (Quercus cerris) native in the Orient and southern Europe; — called also bitter oak and Turkey oak.

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