Scratch cradle. See Cratch cradle, under Cratch.Scratch grass(Bot.), a climbing knotweed (Polygonum sagittatum) with a square stem beset with fine recurved prickles along the angles.Scratch wig. Same as Scratch, 4, above. Thackeray.

(Scratch), a. Made, done, or happening by chance; arranged with little or no preparation; determined by circumstances; haphazard; as, a scratch team; a scratch crew for a boat race; a scratch shot in billiards. [Slang]

Scratch race, one without restrictions regarding the entrance of competitors; also, one for which the competitors are chosen by lot.

(Scratch"back`) n. A toy which imitates the sound of tearing cloth, — used by drawing it across the back of unsuspecting persons. [Eng.]

(Scratch"brush`) n. A stiff wire brush for cleaning iron castings and other metal.

Scratch coat
(Scratch" coat`) The first coat in plastering; — called also scratchwork. See Pricking-up.

(Scratch"er) n. One who, or that which, scratches; specifically (Zoöl.), any rasorial bird.

(Scratch"ing), adv. With the action of scratching.

(Scratch"weed`) n. (Bot.) Cleavers.

(Scratch"work`) n. See Scratch coat.

(Scratch"y) a. Characterized by scratches.

(Scraw) n. [Ir. scrath a turf, sgraith a turf, green sod; akin to Gael. sgrath, sgroth, the outer skin of anything, a turf, a green sod.] A turf. [Obs.] Swift.

(Scrawl) v. i. See Crawl. [Obs.] Latimer.

(Scrawl), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Scrawled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Scrawling.] [Probably corrupted from scrabble.] To draw or mark awkwardly and irregularly; to write hastily and carelessly; to scratch; to scribble; as, to scrawl a letter.

His name, scrawled by himself.

(Scrawl), v. i. To write unskillfully and inelegantly.

Though with a golden pen you scrawl.

(Scrawl) n. Unskillful or inelegant writing; that which is unskillfully or inelegantly written.

The left hand will make such a scrawl, that it will not be legible.

You bid me write no more than a scrawl to you.

(Scrawl"er) n. One who scrawls; a hasty, awkward writer.

3. pl. (Far.) Minute, but tender and troublesome, excoriations, covered with scabs, upon the heels of horses which have been used where it is very wet or muddy. Law

4. A kind of wig covering only a portion of the head.

5. (Billiards) A shot which scores by chance and not as intended by the player; a fluke. [Cant, U. S.]

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