Cratch cradle, a representation of the figure of the cratch, made upon the fingers with a string; cat's cradle; — called also scratch cradle.

(Crate) n. [L. cratis hurdle; perh. akin to E. cradle. See Hurdle, and cf. Crate a framework.]

1. A large basket or hamper of wickerwork, used for the transportation of china, crockery, and similar wares.

2. A box or case whose sides are of wooden slats with interspaces, — used especially for transporting fruit.

(Crate), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Crated; p. pr. & vb. n. Crating.] To pack in a crate or case for transportation; as, to crate a sewing machine; to crate peaches.

(Cra"ter) n. [L. crater, cratera, a mixing vessel, the mouth of a volcano, Gr. krath`r, fr. keranny`nai to mix; cf. Skr. çri to mix, çir to cook, çra to cook. Cf. Grail, in Holy Grail.]

1. The basinlike opening or mouth of a volcano, through which the chief eruption comes; similarly, the mouth of a geyser, about which a cone of silica is often built up.

2. (Mil.) The pit left by the explosion of a mine.

3. (Astron.) A constellation of the southen hemisphere; — called also the Cup.

(Cra*ter"i*form) a. [L. cratera + -form.] (Bot.) Having the form of a shallow bowl; — said of a corolla.

(Cra"ter*ous) a. Pertaining to, or resembling, a crater. [R.] R. Browning.

(Craunch) v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. Craunched (kr?ncht); p. pr. & vb. n. Craunching.] [See Crunch.] To crush with the teeth; to chew with violence and noise; to crunch. Swift.

(Crass) a. [L. crassus thick, fat, gross, prob. orig., closely woven. See Grease animal fat, and cf. Crate, Hurdle.] Gross; thick; dense; coarse; not elaborated or refined. "Crass and fumid exhalations." Sir. T. Browne. "Crass ignorance" Cudworth.

(Cras"sa*ment) Crassamentum
(||Cras`sa*men"tum) n. [L. crassamentum, fr. crassare to make thick. See Crass, a.] A semisolid mass or clot, especially that formed in coagulation of the blood.

(Cras"si*ment) n. See Crassament.

(Cras"si*tude) n. [L. crassitudo.] Grossness; coarseness; thickness; density. Bacon.

(Crass"ness) n. Grossness. [Obs.] Glanvill.

(Cras`ti*na"tion) n. [L. crastinus of to-morrow, from cras to-morrow.] Procrastination; a putting off till to-morrow. [Obs.]

(||Cra*tæ"gus) n. [NL., fr. Gr. krataigo`s.] (Bot.) A genus of small, hardy trees, including the hawthorn, much used for ornamental purposes.

(Cratch) n. [OE. cracche, crecche, F. crèche crib, manger, fr. OHG. krippa, krippea, G. krippe crib. See Crib.] A manger or open frame for hay; a crib; a rack. [Obs.]

Begin from first where He encradled was,
In simple cratch, wrapt in a wad of hay.

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