1. To hold in extreme contempt; to reject as unworthy of regard; to despise; to contemn; to disdain.

I scorn thy meat; 't would choke me.

This my long sufferance, and my day of grace,
Those who neglect and scorn shall never taste.

We scorn what is in itself contemptible or disgraceful.
C. J. Smith.

2. To treat with extreme contempt; to make the object of insult; to mock; to scoff at; to deride.

His fellow, that lay by his bed's side,
Gan for to laugh, and scorned him full fast.

To taunt and scorn you thus opprobriously.

Syn. — To contemn; despise; disdain. See Contemn.

(Scorn) v. i. To scoff; to mock; to show contumely, derision, or reproach; to act disdainfully.

He said mine eyes were black and my hair black,
And, now I am remembered, scorned at me.

(Scorn"er) n. One who scorns; a despiser; a contemner; specifically, a scoffer at religion. "Great scorners of death." Spenser.

Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly.
Prov. iii. 34.

(Scorn"ful) a.

1. Full of scorn or contempt; contemptuous; disdainful.

Scornful of winter's frost and summer's sun.

Dart not scornful glances from those eyes.

2. Treated with scorn; exciting scorn. [Obs.]

The scornful mark of every open eye.

Syn. — Contemptuous; disdainful; contumelious; reproachful; insolent.

Scorn"ful*ly, adv.Scorn"ful*ness, n.

(Scorn"y) a. Deserving scorn; paltry. [Obs.]

(Scor"o*dite) n. [G. scorodit; — so called in allusion to its smell under the blowpipe, from Gr. garlic.] (Min.) A leek-green or brownish mineral occurring in orthorhombic crystals. It is a hydrous arseniate of iron. [Written also skorodite.]

(Scor*pæ"noid) a. [NL. Scorpaena, a typical genus (see Scorpene) + - oid.] (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the family Scorpænidæ, which includes the scorpene, the rosefish, the California rockfishes, and many other food fishes. [Written also scorpænid.] See Illust. under Rockfish.

(Scor"pene) n. [F. scorpène, fr. L. scorpaena a kind of fish, Gr. .] (Zoöl.) A marine food fish of the genus Scorpæna, as the European hogfish and the California species

(Scor"per) n. Same as Scauper.

(||Scor"pi*o) n.; pl. Scorpiones [L.]

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