1. Pertaining to, or suiting, a scholar, a school, or schools; scholarlike; as, scholastic manners or pride; scholastic learning. Sir K. Digby.

2. Of or pertaining to the schoolmen and divines of the Middle Ages (see Schoolman); as, scholastic divinity or theology; scholastic philosophy. Locke.

3. Hence, characterized by excessive subtilty, or needlessly minute subdivisions; pedantic; formal.

(Scho*las"tic), n.

1. One who adheres to the method or subtilties of the schools. Milton.

2. (R. C. Ch.) See the Note under Jesuit.

(Scho*las"tic*al) a. & n. Scholastic.

(Scho*las"tic*al*ly), adv. In a scholastic manner.

(Scho*las"ti*cism) n. The method or subtilties of the schools of philosophy; scholastic formality; scholastic doctrines or philosophy.

The spirit of the old scholasticism . . . spurned laborious investigation and slow induction.
J. P. Smith.

(Scho"li*a) n. pl. See Scholium.

(Scho"li*ast) n. [Gr. fr. a scholium: cf. F. scoliate. See Scholium.] A maker of scholia; a commentator or annotator.

No . . . quotations from Talmudists and scholiasts . . . ever marred the effect of his grave temperate discourses.

(Scho`li*as"tic) a. Of or pertaining to a scholiast, or his pursuits. Swift.

(Scho"li*aze) v. i. [Cf. Gr. .] To write scholia. [Obs.] Milton.

(Schol"ic*al) a. [L. scholicus, Gr. fr. . See School.] Scholastic. [Obs.] Hales.

(||Scho"li*on) n. [NL.] A scholium.

A judgment which follows immediately from another is sometimes called a corollary, or consectary . . . One which illustrates the science where it appears, but is not an integral part of it, is a scholion.
Abp. Thomson (Laws of Thought).

(Scho"li*um) n.; pl. L. Scholia E. Scholiums [NL., fr. Gr. fr. . See School.]

1. A marginal annotation; an explanatory remark or comment; specifically, an explanatory comment on the text of a classic author by an early grammarian.

2. A remark or observation subjoined to a demonstration or a train of reasoning.

(Scho"ly) n. A scholium. [Obs.] Hooker.

(Scho"ly) v. i. & t. To write scholia; to annotate. [Obs.]

(School) n. [For shoal a crowd; prob. confused with school for learning.] A shoal; a multitude; as, a school of fish.

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