Scarlet admiral(Zoöl.), the red admiral. See under Red. — Scarlet bean (Bot.), a kind of bean (Phaseolus multiflorus) having scarlet flowers; scarlet runner.Scarlet fever(Med.), a contagious febrile disease characterized by inflammation of the fauces and a scarlet rash, appearing usually on the second day, and ending in desquamation about the sixth or seventh day.Scarlet fish(Zoöl.), the telescope fish; — so called from its red color. See under Telescope.Scarlet ibis(Zoöl.) See under Ibis. Scarlet maple(Bot.), the red maple. See Maple.Scarlet mite(Zoöl.), any one of numerous species of bright red carnivorous mites found among grass and moss, especially Thombidium holosericeum and allied species. The young are parasitic upon spiders and insects.Scarlet oak(Bot.), a species of oak (Quercus coccinea) of the United States; — so called from the scarlet color of its leaves in autumn.Scarlet runner(Bot.), the scarlet bean.Scarlet tanager. (Zoöl.) See under Tanager.

(Scar"let), v. t. To dye or tinge with scarlet. [R.]

The ashy paleness of my cheek
Is scarleted in ruddy flakes of wrath.

(Scar"mage Scar"moge) , n. A slight contest; a skirmish. See Skirmish. [Obs.]

Such cruel game my scarmoges disarms.

(Scarn) n. [Icel. skarn; akin to AS. scearn. Cf. Shearn.] Dung. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] Ray.

Scarn bee(Zoöl.), a dung beetle.

(Sca"roid), a. [Scarus + - oid.] (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the Scaridæ, a family of marine fishes including the parrot fishes.

(Scarp) n. [OF. escharpe. See 2d Scarf.] (Her.) A band in the same position as the bend sinister, but only half as broad as the latter.

(Scarp), n. [Aphetic form of Escarp.]

1. (Fort.) The slope of the ditch nearest the parapet; the escarp.

2. A steep descent or declivity.

(Scarp), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Scarped ; p. pr. & vb. n. Scarping.] To cut down perpendicularly, or nearly so; as, to scarp the face of a ditch or a rock.

From scarped cliff and quarried stone.

Sweep ruins from the scarped mountain.

(Scar"less) a. Free from scar. Drummond.

(Scar"let) n. [OE. scarlat, scarlet, OF. escarlate, F. écarlate (cf. Pr. escarlat, escarlata, Sp. & Pg. escarlata, It. scarlatto, LL. scarlatum), from Per. sakirlat.] A deep bright red tinged with orange or yellow, — of many tints and shades; a vivid or bright red color.

2. Cloth of a scarlet color.

All her household are clothed with scarlet.
Prov. xxxi. 21.

(Scar"let), a. Of the color called scarlet; as, a scarlet cloth or thread.

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