To scare away, to drive away by frightening.To scare up, to find by search, as if by beating for game. [Slang]

Syn. — To alarm; frighten; startle; affright; terrify.

(Scare), n. Fright; esp., sudden fright produced by a trifling cause, or originating in mistake. [Colloq.]

(Scare"crow`) n.

1. Anything set up to frighten crows or other birds from cornfields; hence, anything terifying without danger.

A scarecrow set to frighten fools away.

2. A person clad in rags and tatters.

No eye hath seen such scarecrows. I'll not march with them through Coventry, that's flat.

3. (Zoöl.) The black tern. [Prov. Eng.]

(Scare"fire`) n.

1. An alarm of fire. [Obs.]

2. A fire causing alarm. [Obs.] Fuller.

(Scarf) n. [Icel. skarfr.] A cormorant. [Scot.]

(Scarf), n.; pl. Scarfs, rarely Scarves [Cf. OF. escharpe a pilgrim's scrip, or wallet F. écharpe sash, scarf; probably from OHG. scharpe pocket; also (from the French) Dan. skiærf; Sw. skärp, Prov. G. schärfe, LG. scherf, G. schärpe; and also AS. scearf a fragment; possibly akin to E. scrip a wallet. Cf.

Scarcement to Scaur

(Scarce"ment) n. (Arch. & Engin.) An offset where a wall or bank of earth, etc., retreats, leaving a shelf or footing.

(Scarce"ness Scar"ci*ty) , n. The quality or condition of being scarce; smallness of quantity in proportion to the wants or demands; deficiency; lack of plenty; short supply; penury; as, a scarcity of grain; a great scarcity of beauties. Chaucer.

A scarcity of snow would raise a mutiny at Naples.

Praise . . . owes its value to its scarcity.

The value of an advantage is enhanced by its scarceness.

Syn. — Deficiency; lack; want; penury; dearth; rareness; rarity; infrequency.

(Scard) n. A shard or fragment. [Obs.]

(Scare) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Scared ; p. pr. & vb. n. Scaring.] [OE. skerren, skeren, Icel. skirra to bar, prevent, skirrask to shun , shrink from; or fr. OE. skerre, adj., scared, Icel. skjarr; both perhaps akin to E. sheer to turn.] To frighten; to strike with sudden fear; to alarm.

The noise of thy crossbow
Will scare the herd, and so my shoot is lost.

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