Rowan barry, a barry of the rowan tree.

Rowan tree
(Row"an tree`) [Cf. Sw. rönn, Dan. rönne, Icel. reynir, and L. ornus.] (Bot.) A european tree (Pyrus aucuparia) related to the apple, but with pinnate leaves and flat corymbs of small white flowers followed by little bright red berries. Called also roan tree, and mountain ash. The name is also applied to two American trees of similar habit (Pyrus Americana, and P. sambucifolia).

(Row"boat`) n. A boat designed to be propelled by oars instead of sails.

(Row"dy) n.; pl. Rowdies [From Rout, or Row a brawl.] One who engages in rows, or noisy quarrels; a ruffianly fellow. M. Arnold.

(Row"dy*dow) n. Hubbub; uproar. [Vulgar]

(Row"dy*dow`dy) a. Uproarious. [Vulgar]

(Row"dy*ish), a. Resembling a rowdy in temper or conduct; characteristic of a rowdy.

(Row"dy*ism) n. the conduct of a rowdy.

(Rowed) a. Formed into a row, or rows; having a row, or rows; as, a twelve-rowed ear of corn.

(Row"el) n. [OF. roele, rouele, properly, a little wheel, F. rouelle collop, slice, LL. rotella a little wheel, dim. of L. rota a wheel. See Roll, and cf. Rota.]

1. The little wheel of a spur, with sharp points.

With sounding whip, and rowels dyed in blood.

2. A little flat ring or wheel on horses' bits.

The iron rowels into frothy foam he bit.

3. (Far.) A roll of hair, silk, etc., passed through the flesh of horses, answering to a seton in human surgery.

(Row"el), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Roweled or Rowelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Roweling or Rowelling.] (Far.) To insert a rowel, or roll of hair or silk, into (as the flesh of a horse). Mortimer.

Rowel bone
(Row"el bone`) See rewel bone. [Obs.]

(Row"en) n. [Cf. E. rough, OE. row, rowe.] [Called also rowet, rowett, rowings, roughings.]

1. A stubble field left unplowed till late in the autumn, that it may be cropped by cattle.

Turn your cows, that give milk, into your rowens till snow comes.

2. The second growth of grass in a season; aftermath. [Prov. Eng. & Local, U.S.]

(Row"er) n. One who rows with an oar.

(Row"ett) n. See Rowen.

Rowable to Rubbish

(Row"a*ble) a. That may be rowed, or rowed upon. "That long barren fen, once rowable." B. Jonson.

(Row"an) n. Rowan tree.

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