Rounding to Row

(Round"ing), a. Round or nearly round; becoming round; roundish.

(Round"ing), n.

1. (Naut.) Small rope, or strands of rope, or spun yarn, wound round a rope to keep it from chafing; — called also service.

2. (Phonetics) Modifying a speech sound by contraction of the lip opening; labializing; labialization. See Guide to Pronunciation, § 11.

(Round"ish), a. Somewhat round; as, a roundish seed; a roundish figure.Round"ish*ness, n.

(Round"let) n. A little circle. J. Gregory.

(Round"ly), adv.

1. In a round form or manner.

2. Openly; boldly; peremptorily; plumply.

He affirms everything roundly.

3. Briskly; with speed. locke.

Two of the outlaws walked roundly forward.
Sir W. Scott.

4. Completely; vigorously; in earnest. Shak.

5. Without regard to detail; in gross; comprehensively; generally; as, to give numbers roundly.

In speaking roundly of this period.
H. Morley.

(Round"ness), n.

1. The quality or state of being round in shape; as, the roundness of the globe, of the orb of the sun, of a ball, of a bowl, a column, etc.

2. Fullness; smoothness of flow; as, the roundness of a period; the roundness of a note; roundness of tone.

3. Openess; plainess; boldness; positiveness; as, the roundness of an assertion.

Syn. — Circularity; sphericity; globosity; globularity; globularness; orbicularness; cylindricity; fullness; plumpness; rotundity.

(Round"ridge`) v. t. (Agric.) To form into round ridges by plowing. B. Edwards.

(Round"-shoul`dered) a. Having the shoulders stooping or projecting; round-backed.

(Rounds"man) n.; pl. Roundsmen A patrolman; also, a policeman who acts as an inspector over the rounds of the patrolmen.

(Round"top`) n. (Naut.) A top; a platform at a masthead; — so called because formerly round in shape.

(Round"-up`) n. The act of collecting or gathering together scattered cattle by riding around them and driving them in. [Western U.S.]

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