Sheep's bit (Bot.), a European herb (Jasione montana) having much the appearance of scabious.Sheep pox(Med.), a contagious disease of sheep, characterixed by the development of vesicles or pocks upon the skin.Sheep scabious. (Bot.) Same as Sheep's bit.Sheep shears, shears in which the blades form the two ends of a steel bow, by the elasticity of which they open as often as pressed together by the hand in cutting; — so called because used to cut off the wool of sheep.Sheep sorrel. (Bot.), a prerennial herb (Rumex Acetosella) growing naturally on poor, dry, gravelly soil. Its leaves have a pleasant acid taste like sorrel.Sheep's-wool(Zoöl.), the highest grade of Florida commercial sponges Sheep tick(Zoöl.), a wingless parasitic insect (Melophagus ovinus) belonging to the Diptera. It fixes its proboscis in the skin of the sheep and sucks the blood, leaving a swelling. Called also sheep pest, and sheep louse.Sheep walk, a pasture for sheep; a sheep run.Wild sheep. (Zoöl.) See Argali, Mouflon, and Oörial.

(Sheep"back`) n. (Geol.) A rounded knoll of rock resembling the back of a sheep. — produced by glacial action. Called also roche moutonnée; — usually in the plural.

(Sheep"ber`ry) n. (Bot.) The edible fruit of a small North American tree of the genus Viburnum having white flowers in flat cymes; also, the tree itself. Called also nannyberry.

(Sheep"bite`) v. i. To bite or nibble like a sheep; hence, to practice petty thefts. [Obs.] Shak.

(Sheep"bit`er) n. One who practices petty thefts. [Obs.] Shak.

There are political sheepbiters as well as pastoral; betrayers of public trusts as well as of private.

(Sheep"cot` Sheep"cote`) n. A small inclosure for sheep; a pen; a fold.

(Sheep"-faced`) a. Over-bashful; sheepish.

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