||Res gestæ[L., things done] (Law), the facts which form the environment of a litigated issue. Wharton.||Res judicata[L.] (Law), a thing adjudicated; a matter no longer open to controversy.

(Re*sail") v. t. & i. To sail again; also, to sail back, as to a former port.

(Re*sale") n. A sale at second hand, or at retail; also, a second sale. Bacon.

(Re*sal"gar) n. Realgar. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Re*quit"a*ble) a. That may be requited.

(Re*quit"al) n. [From Requite.] The act of requiting; also, that which requites; return, good or bad, for anything done; in a good sense, compensation; recompense; as, the requital of services; in a bad sense, retaliation, or punishment; as, the requital of evil deeds.

No merit their aversion can remove,
Nor ill requital can efface their love.

Syn. — Compensation; recompense; remuneration; reward; satisfaction; payment; retribution; retaliation; reprisal; punishment.

(Re"quite") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Requited; p. pr. & vb. n. Requiting.] [Pref. re- + quit.] To repay; in a good sense, to recompense; to return (an equivalent) in good; to reward; in a bad sense, to retaliate; to return (evil) for evil; to punish.

He can requite thee; for he knows the charma
That call fame on such gentle acts as these.

Thou hast seen it; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand.
Ps. x. 14.

Syn. — To repay; reward; pay; compensate; remunerate; satisfy; recompense; punish; revenge.

(Re*quite"ment) n. Requital [Obs.] E. Hall.

(Re*quit"er) n. One who requites.

(Rere"brace`) n. [F. arrière-bras.] (Anc. Armor) Armor for the upper part of the arm. Fairholt.

(Rere`de*main") n. [F. arrière back + de of + main hand.] A backward stroke. [Obs.]

(Rere"dos) n. [From rear + F. dos back, L. dorsum. Cf. Dorsal.] (Arch.) (a) A screen or partition wall behind an altar. (b) The back of a fireplace. (c) The open hearth, upon which fires were lighted, immediately under the louver, in the center of ancient halls. [Also spelt reredosse.] Fairholt.

(Rere"fief`) n. [F. arrière-fief. See Rear hinder, and Fief.] (Scots Law) A fief held of a superior feudatory; a fief held by an under tenant. Blackstone.

(Re*reign") v. i. To reign again.

(Re`-re*it"er*ate) v. t. To reiterate many times. [R.] "My re-reiterated wish." Tennyson.

(Rere"mouse`) n. (Zoöl.) A rearmouse.

(Re`-re*solve") v. t. & i. To resolve again.

Resolves, and re-resolves, then dies the same.

(Rere"ward`) n. [See Rearward.] The rear guard of an army. [Obs.]

(||Res) n.; pl. Res. [L.] A thing; the particular thing; a matter; a point.

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