Dorsal vessel(Zoöl.), a central pulsating blood vessel along the back of insects, acting as a heart.

(Dor"sal), n. [LL. dorsale, neut. fr. dorsalis. See Dorsal, a.] (Fine Arts) A hanging, usually of rich stuff, at the back of a throne, or of an altar, or in any similar position.

(Dor"sale) n. Same as Dorsal, n.

(Dor"sal*ly) adv. (Anat.) On, or toward, the dorsum, or back; on the dorsal side of; dorsad.

(Dorse) n. [Cf. L. dorsum the back. See Dorsel, Dosel.]

1. Same as dorsal, n. [Obs.]

2. The back of a book. [Obs.]

Books, all richly bound, with gilt dorses.

(Dorse), n. (Zoöl.) The Baltic or variable cod by some believed to be the young of the common codfish.

(Dor"sel) n. [See Dosser.]

1. A pannier.

2. Same as Dorsal, n.

(Dor"ser) n. See Dosser.

(||dor`si*bran`chi*a"ta) n. pl. [NL., from L. dorsum back + branchiae gills.] (Zoöl.) A division of chætopod annelids in which the branchiæ are along the back, on each side, or on the parapodia. [See Illusts. under Annelida and Chætopoda.]

(Dorp) n. [LG. & D. dorp. See Thorpe.] A hamlet. "A mean fishing dorp." Howell.

(Dorr) n. The dorbeetle; also, a drone or an idler. See 1st Dor. Robynson (More's Utopia).

(Dorr), v. t.

1. To deceive. [Obs.] See Dor, v. t.

2. To deafen with noise. [Obs.] Halliwell.

(Dorr"fly`) n. (Zoöl.) See 1st Dor.

(Dorr"hawk`) n. (Zoöl.) See Dorhawk.

(Dor"sad) adv. [Dorsum +L. ad towards.] (Anat.) Toward the dorsum or back; on the dorsal side; dorsally.

(Dor"sal) a. [F. dorsal, LL. dorsalis, fr. L. dorsualis, fr. dorsum back; cf. Gr. mountain ridge. Cf. Dorse, Dorsel, Dosel.]

1. (Anat.) Pertaining to, or situated near, the back, or dorsum, of an animal or of one of its parts; notal; tergal; neural; as, the dorsal fin of a fish; the dorsal artery of the tongue; — opposed to ventral.

2. (Bot.) (a) Pertaining to the surface naturally inferior, as of a leaf. (b) Pertaining to the surface naturally superior, as of a creeping hepatic moss.

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