Rename to Renounce

(Re*name") v. t. To give a new name to.

(Ren"ard) n. [F. renard the fox, the name of the fox in a celebrated epic poem, and of German origin, G. Reinhard, OHG. Reginhard, properly, strong in counsel; regin counsel (akin to Goth. ragin) + hart hard. See Hard.] A fox; — so called in fables or familiar tales, and in poetry. [Written also reynard.]

(Ren"ard*ine) a. Of or pertaining to Renard, the fox, or the tales in which Renard is mentioned.

(Re*nas"cence) n. [See Renascent, and cf. Renaissance.]

1. The state of being renascent.

Read the Phnix, and see how the single image of renascence is varied.

2. Same as Renaissance.

The Renascence . . . which in art, in literature, and in physics, produced such splendid fruits.
M. Arnold.

(Re*nas"cen*cy) n. State of being renascent.

(Re*nas"cent) a. [L. renascens, p. pr. of renasci to be born again; pref. re- re- + nasci to be born. See Nascent.]

1. Springing or rising again into being; being born again, or reproduced.

2. See Renaissant.

(Re*nas"ci*ble) a. [LL. renascibilis, from L. renasci to be born again.] Capable of being reproduced; ablle to spring again into being.

(Re*nate") a. [L. renatus, p. p. of renasci.] Born again; regenerate; renewed. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl.

(Re*nav"i*gate) v. t. To navigate again.

(Re*nay") v. t. [OF. reneier, F. renier, F. renier; L. pref. re- re- + negare to deny. See Renegade.] To deny; to disown. [Obs.]

(Ren*con"tre) n. [F.] Same as Rencounter, n.

(Ren*coun"ter) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Rencountered (-t?rd); p. pr. & vb/ n. Rencountering.] [F. rencontrer; pref. re- + OF. encontrer to encounter. See Encounter.]

1. To meet unexpectedly; to encounter.

2. To attack hand to hand. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Ren*coun"ter), v. i. To meet unexpectedly; to encounter in a hostile manner; to come in collision; to skirmish.

(Ren*coun"ter), n. [F. rencontre, from renconter to meet.]

1. A meeting of two persons or bodies; a collision; especially, a meeting in opposition or contest; a combat, action, or engagement.

The justling chiefs in rude rencounter join.

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