Renal calculus(Med.), a concretion formed in the excretory passages of the kidney.Renal capsulesor glands, the suprarenal capsules. See under Capsule.Renal casts, Renal colic. (Med.) See under Cast, and Colic.

(Re"nal-por`tal) a. (Anat.) Both renal and portal. See Portal.

by the revival of classical learning and art in Italy in the 15th century, and the similar revival following in other countries. (b) The style of art which prevailed at this epoch.

The Renaissance was rather the last stage of the Middle Ages, emerging from ecclesiastical and feudal despotism, developing what was original in mediæval ideas by the light of classic arts and letters.
J. A. Symonds (Encyc. Brit.).

(Re*nais"sant) a. Of or pertaining to the Renaissance.

(Re"nal) a. [L. renalis, fr. renes the kidneys or reins: cf. F. rénal. See Reins.] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the kidneys; in the region of the kidneys.

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